Wednesday, October 03, 2012


I would be certain that I have mentioned our intense studies of zoology lately, (games, documentaries, books) except that I haven't written much.  But it's true.  For weeks, now, my children have been thoroughly consumed.  With any and every animal, really, but right now especially apes.  And monkeys.
Luckily, we have lots of Zoo Tycoon games, but one in particular became scratched enough that it had to be replaced (reformatted computers, you may recall, so that means re-installations).  So we did, buying the whole pack again (Zoo Tycoon 2 Ultimate Collection).
I'm never too excited to buy a cd for a second time, so this time I looked for the no cd crack code.  Do you do that?  Put in the crack so your children don't have to have the cd in to play the game?  Since mine were relatively obsessed, I knew they'd both want to play at the same time, and I wasn't going to buy two new ones...
Anyway, I'm getting pretty damned fast at that.  Changing Minecraft files.  Getting into Jurassic Park and Zoo Tycoon files.  ZT Ultimate Collection does actually have a crack code (bless those hacking gamer kids!) so we're good.  Two 'puters playing UC at the same time.  Hallelujah.
While I'm getting really good at installing and editing files, Trev is getting really good at tracking them down.  He knows all the best sites for Zoo Tycoon improvements.  New skins (more realistic--we're all about realistic around here) for the Bornean Orangutan. Asian Elephant.  Green Sea Turtle.  Spanish Lynx, Striped Hyena, Nile Monitor... Cerrado Savannah.... more Flora....seasonal bonus packs....
So that's been some of my time, lately.  Making the babes happy.
I bring it up because this day saw me nodding my head to Trevelyn's newest requests, and saying, "Just a minute Bud, and we'll check it out..."
But as I said, I'm getting fast, so around two new downloads and installs (on two computers, naturally), we managed a few other things.  :)

Trev whistles!

Like caring for the birds.

And working on clay bowls.

And spin-art turkeys.
 Oh, yes.  One of their favorites!

Animal studies.

And patio play with Trevy.

Avalam  Bitaka


We're learning to blow bubbles, riding fast down hills, reading stories, and saying that life is good.
It surely is.


  1. your family is just busy busy all the time. :)

  2. Admittedly, I really have no idea what the hell you're talking about.

    But I get the gist. If I need to do some hard drive hacking stuff for CDs I don't wanna have to keep in the drive, I'll e-mail you for some tutelage. :)

  3. :) Lol, Jess.
    It's a little icon that you put in the game files, and it circumvents the "put in your cd" plan of the game makers. Instead, you can start the game from this icon (that was put into the game files by you), and not need the cd. :) They're called "no cd cracks". It's a Bratty Pirate sort of thing to do. :)

  4. I like these pics of games...well learning...and life is surely good

  5. We're going through a zoology craze now too, totally unplanned, and boy is loving it. Have you guys watched the BBC "Life" series (2009)? We're really enjoying it - lots of crazy animal behavior to learn about.

    Beautiful post, as always :)


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