Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Today's Play

There are a thousand ways I love to play with my children.  Sometimes Out, sometimes gallivanting, sometimes in nature, sometimes super sparkly, and sometimes it's on a table.
Yesterday was at the museum.

First to lunch,

then to a shop for long pants and sleeves for the babies,

then to the NHMU.

I so love this museum.  While it was being built, I had anxiety over it, as my expectations were of something similar to the AMNH, and I knew that was totally unrealistic, and I was bound to be disappointed.
And then the first time I walked in, at the grand opening (November of last year), I almost cried.  :)  (Silly, I know, but there you have it.)

It's a state museum, and so not inclusive of the entire U.S., but still, it's a very fine museum.  Add this one to Salt Lake's several other facilities, and you have a pretty terrific playground, and a confident (and feeling blessed) unschooling mama.

Towards home and choosing pumpkins for jack o'lanterns,
a yummy supper,
and ziplines with pumpkin trick-or-treat buckets.

Life is good.


  1. It looks like a very nice museum!

  2. That really does look like a great museum!

  3. Hey, Steph! Happy Birthday sweetpea. :) You don't have to publish this comment, but I didn't have the energy to get on Facebook tonight, and wanted to send you happy wishes for the year to come. love you! :)

  4. That museum looks incredible. I'd love to go there someday!

    And...was it your birthday?! Happy birthday, then. Hope you were spoiled by your adoring family. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures! it looks empty! we really need to get there again. those big pics definitely do it justice.


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