Saturday, October 06, 2012


At home, today.

"Trevy's grumpy 'cause he just woke up!" she says with a wicked laugh, at my question.  And there are my ever-present dreads!  I love that.


 Delving into felt.

Painting our clay bowls.

Finishing our gobblegobblers.

Writing a grocery list, making a budget, and off to the store with her daddy...

 ...and success!  She came home with everything, and under budget. 
She totally should get to keep the dollar or two remaining, don't you think?

Life is good.


  1. that last picture shouts 'love life' doesn't it? I started swinging again in the park with the kids recently ... suddenly I'm a giggly little girl again enjoying the flipping sensation in my stomach and jumping off mid-air. love and light x

  2. So much goodness! I love Maddie's family drawing with the mama dreads. Looks just like how my girls draw me :)

  3. Dad looks so clean-cut in the drawing! His '50s-era flat-top contrasts with your dreads nicely.


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