Saturday, October 13, 2012

Thursday : At home.

Madeleine has gone from "The sun follows me wherever I go!" (which is as it should be, according to her Mama) to just recently, "Why does it look look like the sun is moving with us?"
So.  There are definite benefits of owning hundreds of books--we'll just go find a good one...

We got out "What Makes Day and Night?".
Lots of interesting ideas came in here... we got our globe from the den, and took it outside.  "Let's find where we are..."

We used the 'arm' of the globe as the meter for sunrise, and turned our globe toward the sun, at about 9:30 a.m.
We wanted to choose something on the other side of the earth to mark as we were going about our day, so Madd chose Libya.

"Okay, so we're here, this is sunrise, so across here will be sunset, and where is Libya?"
"Right here!" 
"Almost to sunset!  So we're having breakfast, and people in Libya are doing what, to you think?"
"Having supper!"
"Excellent.  We'll look at it again, when we have lunch...."
We came inside, looked on, and saw that indeed, it was 5:56 pm in Libya....

Minecraft.  (Maddie--Trev sleeps, still.)

A package in the mail!

"Sunshine Makes the Seasons".  And a ball, skewer, and flashlight demonstration.


12:01.  We had eaten our early lunch.
"Ooh, shall we go check the globe, Madd?  See what Libya is doing?"
We did. Libya was all the way dark, now.  "It's bed time!" said she.
"Let's go check and see what the exact time it is in Libya.... 8:05!  Probably time to get ready for bed!" said her mama.

"Good morning, Trevy!"
"Mom... don't we have a book about the human body?"
"Oh yes, we have lots of them.  What book are you looking for?  Anything in particular?"
"I'm looking for this one that has a flashlight..."


"Hey.  I found an experiment I want to try.  Wanna play with me?"

AlkaSeltzer Lava Lamp.
 Small jar 3/4 full of oil.
Water for the rest of the way.
Drop in a small piece (1/8) of an alkaseltzer, and put on the lid.
You're welcome.

Liquid Density Rainbow.
(Heaviest first : honey, colored light corn syrup, maple syrup, milk, dish soap, water, rubbing alcohol, lamp oil)

Chalk, leaf, and car play on the trampoline.

We showed Trevy what we had played with this morning... seasons and day and night.

Zoo Tycoon.  And Yet Another Mod.  :)

"Hey, Mom.  You know how speakers are shaped like this? That's cause the sound goes out, like this... and the sound goes the same the same way as the shape of the speaker.  So if you had something like this -this icecream cone- then the sound would hit this (flat) bottom and stop.  But it doesn't do that.  It goes Out, like this, so everyone can hear."

"That's exactly right.  Did you learn that somewhere?"
"No.  I just figured it out on my own."

Zoo Tycoon mod on the other computer (naturally)...


Research on Coconut Crabs and Spider Crabs.

More game modifying.  This time by Trevelyn!  Dun-dun-duuuuuuuuun!!!
Woot!  Congratulations, Trevy!

Finished our Burd Puppets.

Maddie comes out holding our styrofoam earth-on-a-stick, and "Mom... can we check our globe?"
"Oh!  Yes!"
"Let's see... where's the sun for us, Madd?"
"It's setting!"
We checked how Libya was doing on our globe, and figured it was a couple of hours 'til sunrise for them; a little after midnight.... check time.... 2:27am!

Dinosaurs.  (Maddie.)

Zoo Tycoon.

VP Debate.

Pet Vet.  Annie gets a check-up.

Sigh.  I do love a day with so much magic in it!
Life is good.


  1. That is a cute idea...following people on the other side of the earth's day in comparison to our own. Sweet.

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the lava lamp recipe. I look forward to making it! :)

  3. I remember when my Emily, now 22, used to think the moon followed her around because it loved her. Such sweet days.

  4. That is a FULL day! Love all of Maddie's questions.

  5. Love love love love this. I just found your blog. Thank you for putting yourself and your family out there for us to see! I love your ideas and will be trying the lava lamp with the boys on Wednesday, thank you!


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