Tuesday, October 02, 2012

the o.l.m : septermber's end

and the rest of september?  what did that look like?

playing with angles and levers...

making ziplines for little friends....

into the forest (again...)

 crafting friends (lots of this, lately)

 painting friends (lots of this, too....)
a package from Kiwi Crate!
so lots of origami the last few days....

 drawing blueprints


experimenting with magnets

more arting

book making

more sculpting

life is good.


  1. Beautiful fall! I love it all! Her writing is getting so good!!

  2. your fall colors are so lovely. and your kids are so crafty. :)

  3. Hey, we sure miss you guys! I've been wanting to talk to you guys, could you have trev call me?
    Love you all so much, Megan


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