Tuesday, October 02, 2012

october one

it took us a while to decide where we were adventuring, yesterday.
eventually we narrowed it down to one favorite place, instead of two, as we were piddling around (and calming ourselves), so mid afternoon we headed to Antelope Island.
we so love it there.

this is one of my favorite spots on the island.  we call it The Savannah.  we always imagine this must be what the African plains look like.  today it was dotted with our beloved bison.

much of the day was spent hanging out at our favorite picnic spot (er, picnicking), climbing, and visiting with the lizards.

after their return from Up The Mountain, we climbed back into the truck, and roamed the rest of the island.

Sego Lily

looking back towards home...

what a spectacular way to welcome my favorite month of the year.
hello there, October.


  1. I can see why it is your favorite place! How gorgeous! I had no idea that there were that many bison just roaming wild!

  2. i see why it is a favorite place. so lovely. love the bison.

  3. Stunning scenery to have on your doorstep! Much love X

  4. That looks amazing. I never knew you lived so wildly (in the great outdoors sense. In the creative way, I realised that a loooong time ago!)


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