Saturday, October 06, 2012

friday, i'm in love

Madeleine had a birthday party at noon.  That's like early morning for us :), so we got to it pretty early this day.
After a long snuggle, we worked a bit on a valentine project that we were doing for Kiwi Crate.  Today, that meant sewing!  (Madd chose to sew, and not glue it.)

I so love it when babes sew.  Like when they collect acorns.  And want to make butter.  'Makes me happy.

Soon she and I were out the door (Trev slept, still).
To the dollar store for new fairy wings!
And to the local lux toy shoppe for a present for a birthday girl.

I stayed with Maddie for a while, and amongst her making her fairy garden at the birthday (!!), I scooted off to come home to Trev.  We got him ready for the day, grabbed a couple of things, and decided we'd go to the DMV (division of motor vehicles, for non-residents) to pay our auto taxes.  Isn't life learning great?  We walked in the DMV, stopped in the doorway, and turned out again.  Not a good day for taking care of business.  (Just like the nightmare dmv situations you always here joked about.)
It could wait.  Also a life lesson, hmm?  Somedays you just don't mess with it.  Choose another.
But I totally should have photo'd it.

So we picked up Madd from her fairy party, and we were off!

To the bank to get our homeschool affadavit notarized (another life lesson),

and downtown to lunch.

And to The Leonardo.  Which was a spectacular way to spend an afternoon.  Truly. 
Even better today, because we got our membership.  (I always love it when I get to check "buy membership" off my list!)



A whole row of tinkering gadgets!  So many fantastic ideas!

Life is sweet.

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  1. I had to chuckle at the picture of your kids in front of the green screen...with your son, wrapped in green. Looks like something pretty conceptually big was going on there....Love it.


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