Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the living : monday

Moving along in the "back to school" season, hmm?

After spending much of Sunday at Grandma's house reconnecting, Monday saw us thinking of Out again... this time we were looking toward the state fair.


  Electric Drums

Good stuff, this Life.


  1. What fun and color! They are looking so much older these days. :)

  2. I love the lemur pictures!

  3. Back to School, for sure! :)

    I can't even decide what I love most from these recent posts...the rollercoaster pictures. The little, reaching lemur arm. Your sweet son in the picture with the goat! The snake and the awesome green caterpillar....and the pictures of your daughter dancing....beautiful!

  4. just stopping by again to get a glimpse (oh god the lemurs. and those growing kids. can you see their big-person faces? i'm starting to with mine... wow.) and tell you that you are missed during these busy, non-computery days...

  5. the fair always looks like so much fun, i love seeing when others go. lol


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