Tuesday, September 04, 2012

sunday's play

First thing in the morning Maddie pulled her can of ice out of the freezer... so eager to make her next tin lantern.

Trev and I started a blog for him; he's mentioned wanting one a couple of times lately, so this was the day. 
He started on a story he's been thinking about for a little while, now.

And Maddie plays Jumpstart.

After a while of computer play, I asked the children if they'd like to check out something cool.
I had colored some sections of paper with different colored markers, and rounded up two magnifying glasses.  "Go get your sunglasses, and meet me on the driveway," I said.


It's been a while since I have picked up my recorder and made this (er... organized) sort of music.  It makes me so happy!
(Very favorite instruments?  In no particular order: violin, recorder, guitar, and harmonica.)

Maddie had to get in on that after I was done.
I'll happily share.

There were animal studies, of course,

and more spiral art.

We watched a film clip about Sal Kahn, talked about mathematics and math studies,

and checked out our library book, Trick of the Eye.  Art and illusion.

Wanderings and wonderings.
It's a fine life.


  1. So....can I have the address? I would love to read his blog!!

  2. He hasn't published his post, yet; it's still in drafts.
    I'll ask him, though!

  3. Blogging is such a cool thing for many age groups. Sounds like a great Sunday.

  4. I hope he has a lot of fun with his blog, it's pretty inspiring to be able to do all those creative design type things with one, not to mention the fun of the actual writing.

    I'm trying to figure out what was going on with the markers and magnifying glasses - I'm verrrry intrigued... (maybe you said in a previous post? I've been away with the fam)

    Enjoy your fine life!


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