Monday, September 03, 2012

few days

We started Jules Verne's Journey to the Center of the Earth.  Per Trevy's request.

There was Minecraft for Madd,
and Zoo Tycoon for Trevelyn.  And zoology.  (Every day.  Every day - for at least a couple of hours every day, he's studying some form of zoology.)

A trip to the dentist.  (Just a super-quick one for Maddie.)

Maddie brought in two peaches from our tree.  "Look, Mama!  These peaches were done!"
"Aaah."  I found my center to be split open.  So.... you know.... naturally we planted the seed.

Reading about whales.  "Do whales have hair?"  We know two mammal characteristics are that mammals have hair somewhere, and that they nurse their young with milk.  So do whales have hair?
(Mmhmm.  Some do.)

Reading David Albert.  This one's me.
(Liking it very much.)

And there was Jeff Corwin.

We've thoroughly enjoyed crepes and berries for breakfast,

(Madeleine made)

vacuuming the sunflower seed shells out of Trevy's hair.  O' course... she put them there in the first place.

chocolate leaves,

and making more tin lanterns.

We have jumped on the tramp and swam in the pool.

Maddie wrote a story...

Here's Maddie, minding her own business, and here sneaks up Trevy, with a wicked grin on his face.


 Here they are, yibbering and complaining and pointing, telling their story to their Mama.  (Maddie always draws me with dreads.  I so love that!)

And then.... with a wicked, wicked smile, she presents the end of her story...

Her Mama tells Trevy how naughty he is, and Maddie smiles on.

Good thing I know they really do like eachother.

Now let's have some art...

and a magic show.
Okay.  That'll do.


  1. wow that looks like a fun few days and LOVE the story. you can tell so much from a child's pictures. Fabby pictures they are too x

  2. Maddie's story is sublime. :)


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