Monday, August 20, 2012


it's pretty easy to get back into recognizing and noting the beauty around you every day...
you just start appreciating it.

 birthday parties -
for best stuffed friends

with cupcakes
and "pin the tail on the pony" games.

afternoons spent  reading,
and being read to 
-"Frog Hops"-

and lying about
with a cool assortment of documentaries.

this weekend saw us learning lots of new things -

at first about camels,

but then naturally that led to various other animal studies.

and "how stuff works : guitar", because Trev wanted to know.

 there was Minecraft play with friends,

sponge bob,

and lots and lots of talk about what makes us happy.

there was zoo tycoon
and many more hours of animal research.

there was helping with bike repairs,

Quads with Trevy,

and "Fox Hops".
(both of my two love/loved these readers).


and documentaries (this time Discovery Atlas),

and games 

and Outside.

there are a few things on our list that we haven't gotten to, yet,
but that's the beauty of living and learning this way, hmm?
plenty of time
for goodly things.


  1. what a lovely weekend. seems so much can be squeezed from those long end of summer days.

  2. Oh the fun y'all have!

    ~Have a lovely day!


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