Friday, August 10, 2012


Gotta start up again with the regular stuff somewhere, right?  May as well be today.  :)

"D'you wanna do some science today?  We could get out one of our kits..."
"Which one?"
"I don't know.  Which one do you think? We have light.. inventions... chemistry.... physics.... flight....DNA...."
"How 'bout Light?"
While downstairs, perusing thru kits, I picked up Science Fair Projects Chemistry from the shelves.
"Hmmm..." I said.  "Hey, Bud?  How would you feel about a weekly -or so- science fair project?  A science fair project is sort of a longer project... for like a week, or something.  Growing bacteria, crystals... experimenting with different ways of things...  What would you say to a challenge.... say I hand you this book, and say 'See if there's anything that interests you in it..' and if there isn't, I'll give you another science fair book.  If we don't have any that are interesting, we can check out more from the library.  What would you say to that idea?"
"Sounds good...."
I'm looking forward to it.  Maddie and I have already looked through the first book, and have chosen our first projects--she chose Go! Old Mold (bread and mold), and I chose Heavy Gas, Man (releasing trapped gas to extinguish a flame).
I've been uninspired in the science department lately, even though we love investigating and experimenting.  Taking a new approach--projects the children choose, should jumpstart us pretty well into the fun of it all, again.  Hooray for that!

There was swimmin', today.

And dinosaurs in the grass (Maddie, this time).

For the children's birthdays in June, I was ordering stuff from Amazon.  I guess I figured 'as long as I had packages coming..' .  So over that couple of weeks I slipped in here and there orders for games that have long been on my Thinking Games wish list. 


Avalam Bitaka


Hooray for new games!  :)

There was Minecraft.  Of course.

Mucho hilarity over Martha Speaks.

More swimmin'

and a visit with Grammie....


a new book,

and Skype with friends.

A regular sort of day, hmm?
All is well.


  1. Fun times :)

    Do you have the book Totally Irresponsible Science? It's pretty great. Just thought I'd mention it.

    Glad all is well - I think of you often hoping that is so!

  2. So good to read you again ! Love your science project ! And so beautiful pictures ! I missed you :)

  3. Darn, you always make my Amazon list longer...:)

  4. Sound like a lot of fun :)

  5. Sounds like a day we'd have around here. My kiddos have just discovered minecraft...boy oh boy.

  6. You always have the greatest games. Nice to see you blogging again.
    Blessings, Dawn

  7. We just bought Pylos! Might play it this afternoon.

    We need to get inspired by science too - I like your idea of a project...

  8. Glad you're back! Tomorrow I'm having the summer clean up, so will be popping back here for some inspiration shortly x

  9. Looks like fun games...regular days are great to have


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