Monday, August 13, 2012

sunday : goodly things

lovely, lovely, goodly things.

making chewy granola bars.

makin' bean dip.

being in pocket on facebook.  that's nice upon occasion!

fresh batch of scrubbin' cleaner.

clean bathroom ceiling, floor, and walls.  and everything in between.

cut roses.


clean livingroom walls. all that homey talk on fb got me wanting cleeeeeean spaces.  (again... ceiling, walls, floor... and all of it between.  my goodness, that's nice.)

clean curtains.

throughout the whooooole house.  (even washed -sans catastrophe- the drycleans.  :) )
and, yes.  these sorts of things make me happy to no end.

a family day.

patio living.

patio loving.

new games.

(we're loving Pente, too--similar, I understand, to Go!.)



the drive-in.  to see Ice Age Latest and the new Wimpy Kid.

an' the livin's fine.


  1. i've been missing your posts, but it seems as if you have been living life! so nice.

  2. What a beautiful new game!

  3. Hello. Care to share your recipe for black bean dip? Thank you :-)

    Blessings, Dawn

  4. love these goodly things posts of yours, the simplicity is beautiful. I end up getting all wordy with mine and sometimes less is more isn't it? Much love X

  5. Pente!!! Knew you'd love it! Simpler than Go (Go does my head in).

  6. You're giving me the scrubbing itch.

    Looks like your summer has been all it should be!

  7. Such a lovely fine-summer-livin' post. I never muster up quite that much enthusiasm about cleaning, but I admire it in other people :)

  8. Love that home keeping chat on facebook. I got to cleaning that day, too (sheets and all) :o)


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