Tuesday, June 19, 2012


(From a week ago.)

The lavender is blooming.

The daisies are, too.

The days are long, and slow.

The children are living in their drawers, and not much else.

There have been cold days

an' warm days

and quiet days

an' rowdy days.

We watch the butterflies dance,

and wave to the dragonflies.

We jump

an' swim

an' get warm in the sun.

There's been plenty of talk about birthdays

and mysterious brown packages

and contemplations of Go.

It is summertime,

an' the livin' is easy.

So easy.

An' so, so fine.


  1. Missed you! The livin' is pretty easy here, too...happy happy.

    Enjoy! xoxo

  2. Missed you lately, but we too have been busy living this life. Enjoying ourselves in D.C. seeing oh so much and soaking up the summer weather.

  3. I LOVE easy summer living! Just seeing it outside my window when I wake up makes me smile.

  4. I missed you too (I sent an email...being the other side of the world has its disadvantages and I'm a worrier lol) and very glad to see it's just life happening :) Good to catch up.

  5. Honestly, visiting you is better than going on a retreat. I read your posts and I learn to let go and breathe, because "see? see how beautiful it can be"?

    Thanks :) and ever so glad the truck news is good - enjoy your trip!


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