Thursday, May 17, 2012


Wednesday morning found us out on the patio.
It's so good to be living everyday life outside, again.

Playing a couple of games,

Madeleine won this one.  She was thrilled.



and, you know... living.
Getting his seed potatoes ready for planting.

A game and a photo by Maddie.

Pretty soon it was time to pack up our sandwiches, and meet the Kids Club.

We were riding bikes, today!

As always, a lovely afternoon with them.
Running, climbing, hiding, chasing, imagining, splashing, riding, investigating....

Eventually there were two starving children who were ready to be home for supper.
So home it was.

"Mom!  That strawberry is getting close!"  She has been watching this particular one for a few days.

Sure is.
Which led to my first garden investigation of the day.

 Gardens are so hard to photograph at wide angle, aren't they? 

The back wall is roses, for a garden border (Annabelle),
and on the outside back fence, two kinds of grapes. Mmmmm.

So many strawberries this year!

So much spinach!
Gorgeous lettuces!

More tomatoes, basil and peppers will go in some of the bare patches.


lavender Rose

And, naturally, while I spend time poking around in the garden, 

the babes are here.
That will do.


  1. The garden looks gorgeous in its spring gettup! Mine is all wintery green down the other side of the world but you've inspired me to go find out what hides in that greeness, thanks :)

  2. Willow beats me at Blokus at LEAST half the time!

  3. I love how you make your spot in this world *fully* your spot. That garden is lovely.

  4. Love the garden, we are just getting going here in Maine

  5. Remy was just cutting up potatoes for planting. :) He has a little pot made up and is waiting for them to sprout. I love when I read a blog and see the same things going on elsewhere.


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