Saturday, May 26, 2012


herbal medicine research (and love!)

and origami

and cupcake play

and pretend play

and talk about sponges

and Santa

and singing

and piano play

and forts

and dog love

and Magic School Bus videos

and Minecraft

and Minecraft video tutes

and more dog (Annabelle) love

and Disney movies

and honey investigations

and drawing

and Art

and dreamin' of promised drum sets

and questions about... er... anatomy

and the importance (and magic) of Prismacolors

and the importance of Daddy

and rain

and conversations about rock and roll

and warm, soft blankies

and soft, cozy socks (it's cold out there tonight!)

and warm gooey pizzas

and Star Wars movies

and -er- Star Wars toys

and Star Wars trivia (like it or not)

and a family snuggle....

and that will do,

quite nicely.


  1. Is it cold at night when there is no cloud cover at night - during summer? I love that combo, warm days and cool nights :)

  2. Ah, very nice indeed. I *do* love Star Wars...movies, toys, trivia! :)

  3. Very nicely, I'd say! What a lovely life! :)

  4. Sounds like lots of fun has been had. My husband looooves star wars. Hope this comment comes through.

  5. My girls are all into origami at the moment :)
    Your days remind me of ours.
    It's good this unschooling life isn't it :)


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