Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I adore autumn, and often say it's my favorite season, but May?... oh, how I love May.

Starting out with springtime...
exciting changes in the world every single day...
so many things to see
and do
and imagine
and investigate...

oh so good.


We were speculating on how long it will be before the pool is warm (yet again this year the babes were in it first thing... twas a breath-taking, mind-numbing 52º--that's mountain river water.  Oof.
So we set to work.
Speculated that it might get up to 60 degrees, this day.  The sun is pretty powerful in these parts.
We're recording the time, the air temperature, and the water temperature.

It's going much faster than we had anticipated!  Last night it got up to 63º!  (Still much too cold for this creature of comfort... I like it at 76!)


In other news,
this day was about favorite shows (currently My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Sponge Bob),

imaginative play,




Living and loving is what we do.

An' it's a fine gig.

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  1. Yes it is!! I hope that your pool warms quickly! :)


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