Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I haven't forgotten (or abandoned) Unschooling Tools. 
It's just that I can't commit to a set schedule right now.  :)
Am working on History, though, and will give a shout-out before going live when I know it (they) will be up soon, for those that want to play, also.
Enjoying your Spring-turns-Summer?
So, so good, ain't it?


  1. It kinda makes sense that a teacher committed to Unschooling would have trouble with keeping a schedule. :)

  2. Ha--yes, I agree w/ Phyllis.

    I once tried to organize a little unschoolers group and not one of us would commit to anything...so it never happened! :)

  3. Too much gardening and playing to do to have much time to sit at the computer!

  4. yeah, there's the sunshine, and the dew, and the berries and the buds and the fluffy clouds and - what did you say? looking pretty beautiful in your world!


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