Monday, May 21, 2012

a garden.... with a house

sometimes that's just the way it is.
a collection of tiny, citified gardens that happen to come with a house, for your -my- convenience.

this has been my life for the past few weeks.
my love.
my consumption.
my reason for getting up (early, early) in the morning.

it's really quite wonderful, as it's been a couple of years since I've been involved in this particular mad love affair.

the early season work is almost finished, now.

the front yard has been carefully tended-
lavender grows by the front gate, protecting the entrance
the giant sunflowers have sprouted

the new clematis is well on its way
the red and orange cosmos have been scattered in their spot
and the poppy and calendula seeds have been tossed wildly.

the irises are casting their spell, and a hundred times a day when I pass from the front to the back, I stop to breathe in their candy-goodness.
(that's the herb garden there, on the left side, and the medicine garden on the right.)

the rose patio has been cleaned, and arranged just so.
which means 'just right' under the mirabelle plum tree--situated pleasantly for breaking one's fast, and playing afternoon games.

the ivy curtain has been tended to on the back (covered) patio...

blocking the late evening sun from my eyes as I sit and write in my favorite thinking spot.
whilst I watch my children play.  ♥

the side of the swingset has been turned into a trellis for the cantaloupe, and pumpkins.

(that's the compost pile, there behind it.  :) )

the tomatoes have been caged,
the potatoes are in their mounds,
the strawberries are growing red,
and a dozen different colors of roses are blooming.

the fairy garden has been made friendly,

and the stepping stones are lying all in a row.

my gardens aren't always practical.
well--they're practical in a "let's put a pumpkin hill in the fairy garden, and blackberries, peppers and watermelon by the front gate" sort of way.
but they're whimsical,
and pretty,
and grown for filling the mind and spirit every bit as much as they are the body.

but, you know.
when most of your tiny speck of land (...and house... and head....) is taken up by Other Things,

a MamaGirl has just gotta do


a MamaGirl has gotta do.


  1. So fabulous!!

    Thank you for the tour.

  2. Love this. Your little garden spots are so pretty and soothing and full of life. I am so looking forward to moving next week to a home where I can once again have a garden. I can't even say how hard it has been to do without one the past few years. After all, a MamaGirl has gotta do...

  3. As always...exactly what I needed at the end of a big day. You've done a beautiful job, it is a glorious garden.

  4. I love your gardens. I love them :)

  5. I love a backyard that looks lived-in.

    We have a lot of developments around here (homes owned by people who are at work day and night so they can pay for a $600,000 house). They all hire landscapers.

    Their yards are all identical, like their houses. Funny, their yards remind me of those kids you sometimes see who look dead behind the eyes and it makes you think how sad it must be to be so unhappy at such a young age.

    I'm glad your backyard is happy. :)

  6. Thank you for the tour, it is so inspiring! I would love to spend a day at yours!

  7. Your little spot on this earth is so pleasant!


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