Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday, I'm in Love

It was cold out there, this morning.

"Mom.  I need this for putting gas in.  I engineered a car, d'you wanna come see it?  I think you'll like it."

"Aaah.  This is the steering wheel.  Is this the gas pedal?  And this the break?"

"Oh!  And I can use this for a seatbelt!" says she.
(Brilliant, as always, that she placed the heavy part of the spoons on the outside, so that she'd have a lever, and could actually press down upon her petals to make them engage.)

"Will you play some games with me?"
"I would love that."

I love it that when we play, she tries so hard to show her poker face.

The 'used 600 times a day' rope swing.

Several times each day we find ladybug larvae.  Crawling on us, hanging out on the laundry, exploring the patio table.  

Today I showed the children a good spot to place them when we find them lost and hungry.

Eat!  Eat! 

Elsewhere in the garden...


And yarrow flowers,

giant, bright orange tissue paper flowers, (I so love poppies)


and the valerian is showing its adult leaves!

So exciting.

This day was also a Minecraft sort of day,

a Jumping sort of day.

and a 'let's draw Trevy in a tutu again to torture him' sort of day.

And dinner and a bikeride with Daddy can only mean all is well, hmm?

It's a goodly sort of life.


  1. I love ladybug larvae -- such odd looking little creatures!

    Love Maddie's car--brilliant!

    Stop over & see what Ben did with our poppy petals -- too cute!

  2. we got rat-a-tat-cat and love it!! love the ladybugs...we've been seeing teeny tiny praying mantisses...

  3. That car is precious!!!

    We have an apple tree that is covered in those ladybugs. :)


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