Friday, April 06, 2012

Wednesday : Kids Club

There has been an interesting turn of events around this house, over the last week or so.
Nothing upsetting, or even disconcerting... just things of the... Growing Up kind.
All of a sudden Little Son is an inch taller (he's up to 5' 1", now), and seems to be changing from this to that, right before my very eyes.

He started saying All Growed Up things, and making All Growed Up observations, and talking about his All Growed Up thoughts and questions.

I'm not sure how exactly it happened, as it wasn't out of desperation or worry, but it seemed like a good idea to ask around if anyone was interested in an adventuring playgroup.  A sort of scouts/kids club thing.

We had a few ideas of fun, things we'd like to share with others.
Things like bike rides, kids-only matinee at the movies, bird watching in the wetlands, letter-boxing,  a game day with laptops, ds's and tablets (and pizza and a late-over, of course), visit to the nature center, a baseball game with a barbecue, building a life-sized catapult...
Turns out that some things sounded fun to others, and they had ideas, too.

So.  I set up a group, and I have been spending quite a bit of time getting that going. 
Very excited to be broadening our horizons a bit.  (I was hoping for 10-12 families, and right now we have 38.  ! )
We're not feeling lonely, and I've always been more of the "handful of a few beloved friends' kind rather than the 'lots of acquaintances' kind... ever the introvert, don't you know.
But somehow it happened, and we asked, and others came. 
So here we are.

Along with that, it came to us (from someone in our new group) that there was a special pass available to us... a membership to our local waterslide park, and all-inclusive passes to a few family fun centers (boats, miniature golf, laser tag, gocarts, etc. etc in our area... for $10.  !!!  Plus baseball games, and a few other goodly tidbits.  So.  Eric has one, I have one and Trev and Maddie both have one.  And even better than this annual pass?  Most of the people we know bought them, too.  :)
So life is looking pretty fine, at the moment.  (Can you believe that?!  Ten dollars!!!  Forty bucks for a year of fun for the family.  oof.)

All this to say "Wednesday was our first Kids Club meeting".

I'm thinking we had close to twenty families show up at the park.
I was too busy to take very many pictures.  :)  (Helping to build kites and boats, mostly.)


But I enjoyed myself thoroughly, and it was lovely to see so many children running and happy.

Here's to friends,
flying high,
and living the good life.

so good.


  1. Amazing!

    You are a bright, shiny magnet for loveliness! :)

  2. Oh, SO fun!

    I definitely believe in "quality over quantity" with friends, too, but there is nothing wrong with a party! :) Especially a *quality* party. That looks like a glorious day.

    And...did your daughter lose another front tooth?! ;)

  3. I love gappy smiles! We have a great group of hsing friends that we play with. It is much smaller, although it would be nice at times to have a few more families. I love when we gather with kids running in all directions - creating experiencing and loving.

  4. We so need more of these organic playgroups - just that word gets me all a-shudder but you've got it back to its original form I think - very, very cool.

  5. Oh, Stephanie, this looks magic. What a wonderful idea! So much joy!

    How'd you build the kites, anyway? And did you just make paper boats? I'd love to do something like this…you've got me all inspired :)

  6. This whole day looks incredible but I'd really like to comment on those pics of Trev and his friend sitting off on their own, chatting. That kind of made my heart leap. He really is growing up. Bitter sweet. xo


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