Monday, April 02, 2012

Three days : In the field.

There has been so much goodliness, the last few days.

Things like bison.


And owl pellets.

Mysterious -and beautiful- purple rocks.

There is a new book... scat and tracks.

Very exciting.

There is a new kids club.

We decided we wanted a standing weekly date for play and kids and adventuring...
so we asked around in our home-ed groups to see if anyone else wanted to play, too.

We're looking forward to that.

Friends called one day to ask if we wanted to come play,
so we spend the whole afternoon and evening with them.

We went downtown to see a play at the theatre.
The children liked it very much.
It had been a while.

I've been scouting for springtime adventures, 

and we have a few things to look forward to over the next month.

When I've thought about being here and trying to catch up on everytyhing, I've felt a little harried and hurried.

But really...

it's just that life is full,

and wondrous,

and beautiful. 

All is well.


  1. Wow, your pictures are outstanding. I didn't imagine that there was still so much open land still. Here in the East it is hard to come by. Bison. Antelope. Wow.

  2. your pictures are beautiful, i love antelope island. We're all really excited about the kids club as well :)

  3. Yes, why *would* you want to catch up? :)

    Beautiful photos! So much loveliness.

  4. Bison.

    Here in the East it's just shopping malls and developments.

    Please mail me a bison. And, a patch of untouched land. Thanx!

  5. I heard a friend's boyfriend (from Virginia) say, years ago, "In the east, we never go anywhere without anyone being there.... We hike and climb for days and miles... and will always run into Others. It's not like that here."
    It made such an impression upon me.

    I find it curious that in the east the lots (personal property) are commonly a half or full acre, and are never fenced, it seems.
    Here, We might own a quarter (or less, in my case) piece of land, but it's marked off exactly, as if to say, "THIS space is mine. I own it. I claim it. I do whatever the hell I want within it, and I report to NO ONE."

    Easterners don't limit themselves with fences, but Westerners don't limit themselves in the wild, and free.

    Think you?
    I think it's still one of the reasons I love ghost towns and the desert... it's so... The Great West. :) So Outlaw, and rebellious.
    Tangents... but still. Seems relevant.

  6. So much eye candy in this post!

  7. Stunning! Just stunning! Glad you are out and about and enjoying the world :-)

  8. So good to see a part of your world. Bison - incredible! I miss my land - Africa - the wild and free that is Africa. One day we will be back! Happy adventuring to you and yours.

  9. Beautiful photos! It looks like a marvelous adventure.

  10. Goodness Steph, I would just love to explore all of that with you. What incredible beauty. Your photographs are absolutely breath-taking. xo


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