Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday : Adventuring

If you've visited us much, you probably know that I have a thing for ghost towns.  I'm not sure what my fascination is with them.
They don't have to be a particular age, or of a particular reason, or look a particular way.

Drowned towns... an ancient gas station... pioneer homes... I'm not picky.

But the rickety old west holds a spell over me.  I suppose it has much to do with the fact that it is what's offered, here.  Utah's oldest buildings are not ancient, certainly.  And they're 200 years younger than the history belonging to the east coast.
But maybe that's a part of it.  Maybe it's because even though modern history here only goes back 170 years,  The Old West is a moment in time unlike anything else in the world.

Dusty hats.
Red sunsets.
Mountain men.
Transcontinental railroad.
Pianos and hootin' and rotgut whiskey.

Indiana running through The Lost City.  (This outfit was not by accident.)

When we were driving over the mountain on our dirt road yesterday, a tumbleweed crossed over our path. Something not terribly uncommon, but made me smile.
So I like ghost towns.

Yesterday the four of us headed out, exploring places some of us (the children and I) have never been.



An old mine entrance

This particular ghost town we found was not entirely made of ghosts.  Well--at least the two people we saw that belonged to this town didn't appear to be ghosts.
One of them invited us into a building, and offered a few stories as well as a few sights.
He asked the children if they'd ever seen a well--like on television--inside a building.  (It is still a working well.)
He told us a story of how moonshine was made in the back of this building, and when raided, they put it down in the well, to hide it during the Prohibition.  And that the liquid gold was never once discovered by the law.

There are actually four ghost towns in that area, all within a few miles of each other, so there was much to appreciate and explore.
Graveyards.  Camp Floyd.  Tales to the children by Eric of these being childhood hunting grounds (quite literally--came out here to hunt jack rabbits), and how when he was a boy, his class came here to look for bullets from Civil War soldiers that had been found lying about in the dessert.

Eventually it started to get on toward evening, and we had another plan for our day, as well..

It was a well-loved day.

And it's a well loved life.


  1. We love Eureka! We visit there on the way to & from the desert :)

  2. My only experience with a ghost town is through the Brady Bunch ;) I would well and truly love to see one in real life! Photo opportunities aside, I just know I would love it.

    Your babes are so yum. And getting so big.

    Your life is lovely :)

  3. What a great day!
    I absolutely love the doorknob.

  4. Ghost towns are real?? Damn. Who knew? Certainly not this chick from Oz! And I love mini-golf. I don't know why but I do.

  5. Cool! I wonder if you'd like to take a drive through Centralia, PA. Do a little research--it's quite an interesting place (my family's cabin is nearby)...the whole town had to be abandoned when an underground fire began & basically put the whole place in danger.

    There are lots of conspiracies & such to go with the story. It's an odd story for sure--and a delightfully creepy place to visit. :)

  6. what a great ghost town. i enjoy a good one as well. i might just have to plan an outing with the kids. :)

  7. So very, very cool! No ghost towns on this coast, so it all looks so magical to me.

  8. What a fun day! Lee and I have come across a couple of ghost towns in our travels, and I find them very alluring as well:)

  9. How lucky to have the opportunity to visit such a place! It's just like in the Lucky Luke's!

  10. A co-worker's husband just published a book titled 'Ghost Towns: Lost Cities of The Old West' and I thought of you when I saw her post. He has a blog that looks really interesting as well. Here's the link to the blog: http://bonnevillemariner.wordpress.com/

  11. Ghost towns look awesome. We don't have any in the UK (I think). The closest thing would be an abandoned air base I think.

    Looks like a fantastic day out :)

  12. And..not related but we are getting Netflix! Squeeeee! Going to go through your TV post and watch some of them :)

  13. I would love to visit the ghost towns of the Old West. Writing it down right now on my list of things to do. It all looks so fantastic. xo


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