Tuesday, April 03, 2012

it's monday

We started our day with Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer.
I asked Trev if he wanted to start Bambi, and he said "How about Tom Sawyer, instead?"
So I said, "Of course."

After a little while of that, Maddie got out letter cards, and started putting them together and reading the words she made.
"D'you want to read a book?"
"Mmhmm, in a minute... for now I wanna play with these."

Shortly thereafter she read  "Rat Naps".  Her first book!

Trev jumps, and Maddie got out a Leap numbers video.

On the way downstairs to get the video, she said "I know how a telescope and a microscope work... see, it's like this...." and holds up her hand to scope through.
Downstairs we have a light kit with ways of making concave and convex lenses, so I suggested we bring that up, too....

Trev researches,
and Madd puts together the letter cards together, again, while watching her video.

Color play

with light

with lenses


and spinning color.

and a few other somethings, too.

All is well, here.


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