Thursday, March 29, 2012


Busy days, hmm?  Spring is a wonderful and very exciting playmate.

Muddy toes and busy ants.

Yesterday we started off playing with air pressure. Pingpong ball in a funnel, and blow.  It stays in the funnel, as things that are light (feathers, pingpong balls) go where the air pressure is the lowest.   Cool.

Outside we had our first official play with the bow and arrows.

The children are learning how to shoot.  I loved archery when I was a kid.  Still do.  Eric told us a story that he found a bow and arrow in his woods one time, and often adventured with it.  Once he shot a squirrel.  And skinned it.  An brought it home.  Isn't that fine?  (I mean... I do love squirrels... but still.  I also love a good Kid Adventure.)

It was decided that we'd head out into the neighborhood.
So we loaded up the wagon (and it was loaded, believe me), and headed up to the store for some bubbles.
Then to the bagel place, for a muffin and a chocolate milk.

To the park.


For bubbles and badminton.

 And climbing.

And talking philosophy.

Discussing numbers. (The Story of 1.)

And exploring. 

To the library.
I bought some books.  The Swiss Family Robinson.  The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.  Bambi.  (I didn't even know Bambi was a book.)
We borrowed some books with cd's.

Stacked the wagon up taller, and headed to the pizza place.  It had been a while.

Wasn't too far from dark, now, so time to go home.

It's a goodly sort of life.

P.S. Unschooling Tools : For Reading coming soon... hopefully I can put it up tonight or early tomorrow!


  1. Ooh I had the book Bambie as a kid and it was one of my favourites; and no matter how many times I read it, I always cried when Bambie lost his mum and... well I'll leave you to read it :D

  2. Sounds like a fabulous day!

    Your pictures have an especially beautiful quality of late, too!

  3. We really like your blog. I found you by Pinterest. I hope to blog as long as you have!

  4. I am loving rediscovering your blog, so much joyful inspiration to be found here :) Your photographs are beautiful too. Gina x x x

  5. Hello Stephanie
    Such beautiful pictures of your days.Always so good to visit here. Spring is so incredibly beautiful - perfect for willow and bubbles.
    Best wishes to you


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