Thursday, March 15, 2012


Maddie and I were watching a show on pbs about tornadoes, first thing this morning.
"I think I just saw Utah in that picture!"
"In tornado alley?  No, Utah isn't in tornado alley."
She grabbed one of the puzzles off the puzzle shelf.  I didn't know what she was doing.
After she played with the puzzle for a bit, she held something up.  "I think this is what I saw."
I looked up.  "Oh!  That's Nebraska!"  :)  Mmhmm.  Utah is similarly shaped to Nebraska.  And certainly it's in the middle of tornado alley!

Cupcakes for breakfast.

My Little Pony : Friendship is Magic (the current favorite of hers.)

An' then pretty soon she crawled into Trevy's bed with him, and they watched Really Wild Animals : Rain Forest.  (Which is pretty ironic, coming on the heals of the Television post,and my mention of how we don't watch all that much! :) )

But never mind that... we now had to get ready for a day of Out.

To lunch.

You know those days when you're just so in love with your children?
The conversations are fantastic,
you get to be amazed at their brilliance,
and everyone is just so happy, and alive?

Much of our talk was about obscure rain forest animals I've never heard of.  I so love it when my babes dazzle me with their knowledge and speculations!  This day, among other fascinating things, I learned about the coconut crab.  Which climbs trees, and cracks coconuts.
After that it changed to Sound, and its speed, and the vapor cone that appears when the sound barrier is broken.  Honestly.  I had no idea.  :)  (I love him so.  I love that he is just Curious, and goes off on tangents, and learns these things.)

After lunch (and fine conversation) we headed to The Leonardo.  Which shall henceforth be called The Science Center.  Trevelyn finds the name absolutely unacceptable.  :)  ("Too generic." says he, emphatically.) 
This science center is.... it's a science-meets-art-meets-technology center.  That's the best way I can explain it.

Has a gene lab,

has an art room,

 looking at Optical Illusions

has a giant sculpture, Holotype,  made out of algae (in the form of alginate--that looks like clear plastic), and it's pockets are being filled with water, and it is the intention that algae shall grow inside this sculpture.

There is a Hylozoic Veil which I can only describe as a huge, beautiful plastic-tinsel looking chandelier thing that has to be fed liquid and that reacts by moving (not by breeze) when you near it, as energy makes it alive and reactionary.  ???  Mmhmm.

Then upstairs...

to sit at the self-portrait table.

and to the red room.

Knights, this time.

To the green screen!

And to the animation tables.

Back to the self portrait table...

And to the prosthetics.

We tried out robotic arms,

hook arms,

mechanical legs,

and the children both walked around with prosthetic legs.
One foot was more stiff, and made of wood, the other was modern and much more giving and life-like.

Back to the red room. 
Skeletons, this time.

to a stop-motion film,

and to home.

It's a pretty fine life.


  1. WOW. what a great place to spend long hours and hours and hours....WOW! and i love the connections of the States from your early conversation - so observant.

  2. How COOL! You have some great places out there in Tornado Alley, I mean Utah. And how fun to be dazzled by your kids' conversations, and to so enjoy your time spent with such cool little people. :)

  3. What an amazing place to visit! I wish we had those kinds of places in Australia. Talk about making science fun....and I agree with you about learning new stuff when your kids are learning....they make you inspired the way they have to know things.

  4. Ahhh. Such a lovely post. I absolutely know what you mean about being "so in love with your kids." They are lucky to have you for a Mama!

  5. What a great place to have near by!

  6. Blimey what a fab museum! I must, must see if we have anything like that here!

  7. That's basically the greatest museum ever.


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