Thursday, March 08, 2012

two days

Tuesday Maddie and I began our day with watching Between the Folds.
I wonder how many times, between the two of us, we whispered "wow..." in amazement.

Naturally, that led us to thoughts and supposes that we should be putting Origami books on hold at the library.  Check.

Her mama spent the rest of the morning (and much of the afternoon, actually) trying to put certain butterfly patterns together... to no avail.  Hmmph.

Nevermind that... eventually we were in pursuit of a different sort of paper craft.

Add friends and shouts and giggles over the computer, and there went the day.

The next morning (pre children wake-up) I spent all of my time finishing the 'math play' post.

That must have had some effect upon my mind, for then I was contemplating how the soroban abacus works, and had an Aha!!  I had figured out how to use the abacus.  For simple mathematics.  Up through ten billion.  Excellent.

"Trevelyn!  I figured out how to use the abacus!"
"And this effects me, how?" He asks slowly, as he plays and swoops on the wii.  :)
"Oh!" I said cheekily.  "Now I can share my knowledge with You!"
"Cool." He said.  Distracted, still?  Maybe.  But... well.  ' Course a Mama has to share.

Eventually, we sat with paper, pen, the calculator, and the abacus.
"I wanna show you this, Bud.  It's cool.  D'you want the calculator job, or the adding job, first?"
"I want the adding job!" Pipes in Madd.
"Okay.  Want the calculator job then, first, Bud?"
"Yes.  I'll take the calculator."
And so.

"Cool, right?" I could see that he was pleased with himself, and getting all of this.
"Very cool."  Mmhmm.  :)

"What's next, guys?

 The Complete Tales & Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh.

"Mama... will you read me this?"

It's a fine, fine life.


  1. Beautiful art work (as usual).
    We have the snap circuits too, and love them.
    Thanks for the daily dose of inspiration, mama.

  2. Love your quilling picture. Lots of fun games! Yeah!

  3. Always inspired by your posts. I went out and bought a whole heap of games the other day, realising we had virtually none in comparison - and we've been much happier since! X

  4. Gorgeous - maths, games, art and Winnie the Pooh (my girl just read that literally last night!). Lovely.

  5. My son played Christopher Robin in a play when he was little, and now pictures like that make me verklempt!

  6. I'm reading about Between the Folds just about everywhere! Perhaps I'll check it out--as I've had an origami kit from the dollar store for over a year now and I'm afraid to attempt anything in it--and I think it's for ages 5+.


  7. Our sons have the same pj pants. :) That made me smile. hee hee

    You guys have such wonderful days.


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