Friday, March 16, 2012


Maddie started out playing with the abacus.
Then she was on to the wooden States puzzle, again.
And another.

"When are we going?"
"Soon.  It's time to wake up Trevy."


And then...


Home, to 'The Pound' play.

And then painting--had to make a new home for that new pet from the pound.

And then play on the computer,
and skyping with friends.

A day in the life.  ♥


  1. Pretty, pretty buds and whatnots!

  2. Just want to say I found your blog recently and am LOVING it. So many ideas and pictures and resources. I've already been to the store buying cool stuff for my kids to do. I want to be like you, mama! ;)

  3. Looks like your having warmer weather too.

  4. And what a lovely life it is. Thank you for sharing once again. Much love x

  5. How awesome that your kids can do scooters at the roller rink too!

  6. Frogs Mom - It's an awesome place. They allow small bikes and ride-on's for the littlest ones, too.

  7. Oh my! I wish we could use our scooters at the rink!!!!


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