Thursday, March 08, 2012


oh, let's see.
lots of wiiheeheeee play this morning for Madd and Trevy.

jump, jump, jump

Zoo tycoon

this is one of my favorite things.
painting textures with the nets that vegetables come in... potatoes, onions, garlic, etc.
save some for painting turtles, fish, and lizards.  so, so cool.  :)

You just start with one color, add a few drops of another color or two, then dab with the net.

For our ocean, we globbed on paints - purple, blues, and light green,
and swirled them together with combs.

Trevelyn's spectacular Angler fish

Madeleine's beauty

and Mama's

tomorrow when our backdrop and our fish are dry throughout, we'll put little tiny holes in them, and string them to the top of the board, so they swim along (bounce and sway) against the background.

jump, jump, jump

bubbles, bubbles, bubbles

 and angles, angles, angles

Lewis and Clark

more jump, jump, jump

more wiiheehee

and then Trevelyn made us chocolate chip cookies.

that makes everything even sweeter.
'til tomorrow, then.


  1. We made clay fish, too...and are enjoying Lewis and Clark, too. I plan to make your turtles some day...

  2. I love the fish!!!! You guys are so artistic :).

    My 11 year old has always detested art projects (at least Waldorf school at home ones) because she has always wanted to do her own thing. Yeah kicking myself for that one but maybe one day.

    I love the picture of your son with "his" book. My 11 year olds "book" Is How Things Work, carrys it around with her everywhere.

  3. love the ocean and fish, painting with veg nets - what a great idea. And those cookies look too good! X

  4. Real Eye Candy! Thank you for sharing.


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