Sunday, March 04, 2012

Spring Stones

Here's a pretty one for your favorite rock collector.

First came some lovely glass stones.

Though the stones came with a sign that said they were just waiting to be painted,

I knew they begged something else.

I found just the thing.

We selected a stone,

and then found just the bit of paper for that particular shape and size.

Holding the stone carefully and firmly to the paper, I cut on an inward angle around the stone.

After carefully placing the stone down on the table, maintaining the same angle,

we brushed the paper with a glue/water mixture.

We placed the paper against the bottom of the stone, and worked it thoroughly around the stone, up the edges a bit,

and pressed firmly throughout the bottom of the stone.

So, so, so pretty.

And they feel as lovely as they look!

They could be made into magnets, or a lovely nature game... but for now they'll just sit on our nature table, being touched and admired.

Happy Spring.

Linking to Spring Blog Carnival and Friday's Nature Table, on March 9, 2012


  1. beautiful! and so creative.

  2. Those are so pretty! Fun idea!

  3. Clever mama! I love them! X

  4. These are lovely. I want to try them!

  5. You found the perfect pictures for them! It is hard to find pictures the right size. They are beautiful!!

  6. Oh, these did turn out lovely.

  7. They are gorgeous! :)
    It would be great if you'd like to add this to our Spring Carnival:

  8. I love these, very pretty and perfect for spring. :)

  9. Such a fun and pretty project!!

  10. Very nice! I had a similar idea recently, but have yet to do it. For my boys I'll call them "dragon tears." xo

  11. Thank you so much for sharing these with our Spring Carnival. :) I featured them here:

  12. They look so expensive. :) Very pretty.


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