Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Celebration

Our holiday.



The first song of Blackbirds.

A sparrowhawk swooped into the field, caught a mouse, and feasted high in the treetop.

Welcome, Spring.


  1. I've been trying to work out how to handle Easter. It's funny, but Christmas works for me. Easter...not so much. We've had our Ostara ritual, but DS expects more...a visit from The Bunny. Do your kids get a visit from someone/thing during Ostara-tide? If so, I'd be so grateful if you'd share your plan :0)

  2. Funny that I am an absolute Believer in Santa, but the thought of the Easter Bunny freaks me out. :D

    Trev said something to me a few years ago... something like "weird" and "don't believe in", and it was almost a relief. I just never said anything about a six-foot tall bunny after that, and they haven't seemed to miss it.

    So they get their baskets filled, but it's not always first thing in the morning (an over-night visit), and it's not always on the exact day. Tuesday was Ostara this year, and Eric worked... it was also not very pleasant weather, and we didn't have the gifts for the children, yet. So we told them we'd celebrate this weekend, on Sunday. They seem to be perfectly alright with that.

    Spring gifts are always given--dresses, shorts, sandals, kites, favorite candies... this year we got a new dartboard (ours was weathered and falling apart after two or three years of being outdoors), an archery set, a guitar lessons book, walky talkies, new swim goggles... whatever seems appropriate to welcome the season.

    Is that helpful?

  3. Breath-taking!

    I posted a photo of a red-winged black bird today, too! :)

    Happy spring!

  4. Thank you! I think all my son cares about is chocolate. So, I might come up with some creature to lay treasure eggs in our garden...perhaps an Ostara dragon ;-)

  5. LOL! Glad I'm not the only one :-) I think all my son cares about is chocolate, so perhaps some delicious, fantastic creature will lay treasure eggs in our garden next weekend ;-)

  6. Oh, lovely! As always, it's affirming to know you celebrate very similarly to us. Per your conversation with rainblissed, we do "do the Bunny", or the Hare, as we know it. It's more about symbolism, the way spring sneaks in, how the Goddess of Dawn (Eostre) leaves her rainbow of color in our garden in painted eggs and sweets. The Goddess and the Hare, for us, are symbols of fertility, signaling abundance and the growing season. Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

  7. This was lovely. We have those same walkie talkies. They are great. We don't do the bunny either (from my early childhood...I remember thinking - why are all bunnies small...except for THIS one? And then we sat on "The Easter Bunny's lap once and I could see the person's eyes through the head of his costume. FREAKY). Our holiday is about spring, honouring her return, the rebirth of life after a long winter. And of course there are presents and chocolate. Fred's family are Christian so they give Isaac Easter cards, he even calls it "Easter" but it's not the way we celebrate, if you know what I mean. It's our own thing, and it works beautifully for yours does for you. Happy Spring. <3


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