Saturday, March 10, 2012

saturday : goodly things


bits of fluff for our flitting, nesting friends

open doors

cats chasing rats

(love that long, pointy nose on Mr. Rat!)

peach tea

flickers, pine siskins, and woodpeckers

and robins

seeing my husband outside on the patio with his morning coffee

our postman who likes our giant dog

lunch outside



washing her lawn mower
(I s'pose that's akin to a spring engine tune-up)

sheets on the line


a game of Set on the patio

dumptrucks and backhoes

strawberry leaves and catnip

puppy love
(play with the dog next door)


...and it's Spring.


Starcat said...

Wait, WOW, there are Set dice? I'd read you talking about Set before, but I thought you meant the cards, which we have. Those dice look very cool! Where did you get them?

It looks like a perfectly lovely day!

Adventure Academy Mom said...

I love your post, sounds and looks like Spring in my yard.

sarah in the woods said...

love the bird shots. <3

Jessica said...

Oh, I love it all--'specially the birdies and playin' in the dirt!

momto5 said...

yeah those set dice look sweet! what a great day. :)

jenny miller said...

Love the bird shots, too. Our boys love putting their hair clippings and yarn pieces out for the birds. Last year, we found a robin nest in our apple tree with some in it. I'm going to have to look for the Set dice. The boys love dice!

Stephanie said...

The dice are in "Set Cubed". :) They're larger than regular dice... 'bout quarter-sized, or so.

nettlejuice said...

Very goodly things.
Happy Spring!

bflomama said...

My goodness how I love your photographs, and these lovely glimpses into your life… xo