Monday, March 05, 2012

Life. On Monday

"Wanna see me do flips?"

"Mom, do white and red make red?"
"Red is a primary color, remember?"
"But what makes red?"
"Nothing.  Remember what 'primary' means?"
"But how do you make it red?"
Ah, I see.  Uh.....  :)

Maddie started playing with bridges.
That reminds me...


bubbles and angles

catapulting with a sapling.
and then more play with the catapult.

she ran and grabbed a piece of chalk, and we started marking where different things landed... clay, a ball of foil, a bent pingpong ball, pompoms...
So fun to see her make such interesting observations... and to see consistency with the different launches.

trampoline and hoop play

laundry bliss

talk of evolution

I got an idea that plaster might be a really great medium for carving, so I rounded up some bowls, and mixed some plaster of paris.

while that was setting up...

spying games for them.
with binoculars.

it works perfectly, by the way.  :)

Mama's turtle, in progress

"Mom, I need a magnifying glass."
Alright, then... let's find them.

veterinary play.

Dad's home from skiin'.

with three.  (so fun with three!!)

more Hoops

History of the United States.


and more bubbles.

I think that's about everything.

It's a pretty good life.


  1. Yes it is!!!

    Your posts are such an inspiration for me, thanks so much for sharing your journey.

  2. Just thought I would mention bars of Ivory soap work really well for carving too.

    I love the blueberry face and dirty feet pictures!

  3. LOVE the picture of your son jumping sideways through the hoop!!

  4. Oh wow. I need to take a leaf out of your book. What a lovely day!

  5. A lovely Monday, indeed!

  6. Nice!

    Have another lovely day!

  7. It makes me smile to stop by and peek into your life. Thanks for the view from here :)

  8. Awesome. Love love love the penny bridge!


Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!