Saturday, March 17, 2012

friday's good.

good like "sunday's good". 
and "wednesday's good".
or... you know.  monday's good, too.

Maddie and I watched the Pine Siskins taking wool roving out of our wire heart this morning, for their nests. 
that made us smile.

there was a puppet show this morning,

for a special audience.

just had to be outside,


especially since the storm is coming, and we'll be denied for a few days.

geodes for all of us.


Big Brain Academy

bubbles and trampoline play

we finished our day with Maria and The Sound of Music.

it's true.  I love this life.


  1. I love how our children don't have that "wait for the weekend" mentality. What a beautiful life!
    Lydia :)

  2. Oh, the nest-making shot is so perfect--adore it, I do!

  3. Helping the birds is a great feeling. :)


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