Saturday, March 03, 2012


Friday morning there was a plan to take Annabelle for a walk, and to go swimming.
Hmm.  Things aren't usually quite that easy, so we had some things to do, first.
Like go get Annabelle a new leash.  (Left one in the park, can't find the other.)
While we're going that way... "Madd?  Think we should go get you a new swimsuit?"  (Plain worn out, it was.)
So, yeah.
Leash, snacks, suit, a new toy....
and no time to take Annie.
"Where's the beach bag?!?"

To the pool.

As usual, Trevelyn found a boy or two to play with while there.
Maddie refused, "I have Dad here.  I only play with other kids when he's not here."  She didn't, either.  :)

To home, so Eric could go to work.

A very late lunch and rest,

and a venture into our friend's Minecraft server.  (With lots of reminders and talk about playing nice.)

Shortly thereafter we got a phone call from friends, and after some set-up Skype time....
there we go.
Playing and hollering and laughing and being silly and Minecraft.  (Jetson's style, for those of you in the know.  Cool.)

So fun.

It's a goodly sort of life.


  1. I've struggled to get minecraft work properly for us, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. We've had Roblox, which I had reservations about but my boy isn't that interested and has been talking about Minecraft from some you tube videos he/ we've watched. Any ideas?

  2. Hi Kelly.
    Did you buy it? We couldn't get it to work (like having an inventory) until we paid the $20. Now it works wonderfully.
    It is such a fantastic game. I really can't say enough good things about it... so, so creative.... ingenious.
    If your computer is a few years old, then if you do buy it and get a username, then go into Options and set the graphics from "Fancy" to "Fast". That will help with lag.

  3. Ah, water play. All three kids love it. Looking into joining the YMCA or Rec center so we can take swimming lessons, and play in the water whenever we want.


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