Monday, February 06, 2012


Weekends are for schedule making...

and spelling.

They're for painting clay hearts

and then more spelling. 

And more painting.

Sometimes they're about buttermilk biscuits,

and playing in the flour while Mama and Trevy measure ingredients.

Sometimes you get to go for a walk, and come home with a seed pod and an idea.

For a tree.

Sometimes they look like a Sunday morning with one of winter's last cups of goodness

and crepes and strawberries.

"Mom, c'mere."

Weekends can look like mysterious tea bags

and then their scientific investigation.

Weekends can be about exploring,
and quiet or noisy "just messin' around".

Isn't there a word for these sorts of creative,

wandering and wondering ways?

Ah, yes.
That's what we do.


  1. Beautiful green growing from the ground! It has been such a mild winter so far that it is hard to believe that spring is just a month or so away.

    Living is so much fun :)

  2. Sweet post, again! Happy weekend!

  3. Lovely! I want to be there, too! :)

  4. Oh! I love those l'il decorated cookies...I love them so!

  5. It's so crazy to me that plants and flowers are blooming all over so soon. Food looks good....those strawberries look delicious. Love the living you had this past weekend. Always enjoy your eye candy ;-)

  6. Hi I posted a comment on this yesterday, but not sure if it went sorry if I'm repeating myself.

    Your weekend looked fun and awesome.

    In fact I'm not sorry for repeating myself because fun and awesome deserve to be repeated again and again :)

  7. Sounds like a perfectly lived weekend. I love your shroom cookies!

  8. What a gorgeous weekend! I hope you get another one just as juicy in the next few days. I'll be casting a similar spell in our life as well for this weekend.


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