Thursday, February 09, 2012


Maddie wanted to learn to play our new games this morning.
This first one is Pentago.
You're either black or white, each turn you place a marble anywhere you like, and then pull out and rotate any one of the four sections 90ยบ.
The winner is the first to place five marbles in a row.
It's a wonderful thinking game!
(And, for those interested: Mensa Select National Competition Winner, Best Strategy Game 2006 Grand Prix Jouet in France, Golden Dior Game of the Year 2005 Sweden, Game of the Year 2006 Finland, Dr. Toy Best Vacation Game 2006, and Creative Child Magazine's 2007 Game of the Year.)
Our version comes with a lid, so it would be a great travel game. To the touch it's sturdy and rich, it doesn't feel cheap or brittle.

This gorgeous game is Quarto!.
I've wanted it for two years.  :)

The board is heavy and rough... to the touch it feels similar to stone over wood; really pleasant for the senses.
The pieces are wood, and they have four characteristics; tall or short, light wood or dark, square or round, and hollow (a hole at the top, in the center) or solid.
The object is to be the player to place the last piece... the fourth piece in a matching row.  For the win, the row must have one shared characteristic between all pieces; shape, size, color, or solidity.
Both players try to get the fourth piece in the line. 
A piece is chosen by the first player, and given to the second player for placement.  After placement, that player chooses a piece for play for the second player.
When four-in-a-row is made, regardless of who placed the other pieces, the placer of the fourth piece calls "Quarto!" and wins the game.
(Also an award-winner: Toy Testing Council Award in Canada, Toy Award et Jouet de Lannee in Belgique, Prix des Consomateurs in Quebec, Mensa Top Five Games U.S.A., Games Magazine Top 100 Games U.S.A., Parents Choice Award U.S.A., Game of the Year Finland, Super As D'or France, Oscar Du Jouet France, Des D'or France, as well as four other international awards.)

'Course, Maddie was all over her electrical circuit set this morning, as well.
As she's loving it so much, I ordered her the Snap Circuits Jr. set.  I'm sure she'll absolutely love it, this little engineer of mine.

The UPS guy came!
Ah, one of our favorite people.  :)
Madeleine has been interested in molecules, and since I was looking for more science supplies, I found this molecular model set at Home Science Tools (one of my favorite places).

The set feels good... the pieces are large enough to be handled easily.
We only played for a minute as there was a whole box full of new stuff!, but are looking forward to more play.

Typical Madd, she wanted to do everything at once.
While she was waiting for me, she went into the kitchen and got a couple of paper plates, from the cupboard over the stove... "Here, Mom.  I'm ready for the owl pellets."  :)
So we invited Trevy, went downstairs to retrieve the forceps and pellet bone chart, and set to work.


 Play with Trev.

Included in our gift box from the girls at Circle the World In Big was a gorgeous geode.
'Course, that put Maddie in mind of our own, so when I placed our order the other day I ordered several geodes for cracking ourselves.


 This is Sal.  I made him.  And I'm crazy about him.  :)

No doubt our days will look like this for a few.... brown packages and ideas are a flowin'.
Life's good.


  1. what a great bunch of goodies. i like that molecular model set. what is the loveliness with the pens?

  2. I want! One of these days I need to get my hands on some extra cash so I, too, can have some shopping fun. I love all of this :)

  3. One summer we fell completely in love with an old spirograph at my inlaws home. So much fun. We have been playing Quixo, Ticket to Ride and Blink. I am adding these games to our neverending list of goodness.

  4. Crazy! I was literally paging through the Home Science Tools catalog, looking closely at the molecules set just last night!

    We'll be talking about the particulate nature of matter soon and I was thinkin' 'bout some molecules.

    I'm impressed w/ the owl pellets. I'm always fearful they won't live up to my expectations but I'm diggin' that skull, for sure!

  5. I WANT the model set! :)

    Such richness on this day. :)

  6. Have never heard of Home Science Tools but am officially in love!!! And THANK YOU for all of the great reviews on games--we love board games and are always looking for in-depth reviews. You rock!

  7. Don't feel guilty about all the packages!! They look awesome.

    One time I hid a bunch of geodes in our backyard -- all around the rocks and in the grass and stuff. The kids had the best time hunting for them (like a science-y easter egg hunt) and cracking them open (under a dishtowel). It got them trying to crack open all other kinds of rocks too, and discovering "chalk rocks." Just in case you ever need an idea to extend the geode anticipation/joy any longer. :)


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