Thursday, February 16, 2012

wednesday : out

First thing this morning was Plans.
Trekking, definitely.

The mudder tidies up while one babe sleeps and another works on the calendar that Santa brought her.

And while others continued to sleep and clean,  Madd played with circuits.
Today was the very first switch circuit, and then the Quiet Water Alarm.
And since that one was the "quiet" one, naturally she had to build the Not.  :)

Time to get Trevy up and get ready to Go.

Daddy's place for an early lunch.

And to the planetarium.

For play and an Imax film, Flying Monsters 3d.  (Which means prehistoric flyers, of course.)

An' more play.


To up north.   And Out.
For posterity's sake, today's venture was exactly (so I don't get vexed with myself again) Farmington Bay, and the Great Salt Lake Nature Center.

In the center. With the place to ourselves.

An' then out into the wetlands.

Though we had planned on walking trails, all of  sudden the wind began blowing fiercely, and it was raining and snowing.  So we opted for the more comfortable in-the-car trail--with lots of stops.

Bald Eagle

Two bald eagles, here.

And that brought the sun down, and us home for supper.
It really is a pretty good life.


  1. We have only been to UT briefly (driving thru with some camping). It one of the most beautiful places I have been. So glad you day out went well. We spent the day in yesterday :)

  2. What beautiful pictures! We have been seeing a lot of bald eagles this past year or so here in Iowa. We typically only saw them along the Mississippi River in the Northeast corner of the state. However, Emma and I saw one just a few weeks about 10 minutes from our house. I love bald eagles and I am always happy to see them :) There is an eagle came set up near a fish hatchery in Decorah Iowa

  3. Looks like a couple of new additions to the planetarium? Damek will love that plasma ball:)

    We gotta get back out to the bay and the nature center, I think it's been about 2 years.

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Some gorgeous shots, there, girl! You are so lucky to have so many cool places to go so close to you! Is it cold there?

  5. Julie - yep. We were thrilled to see the new exhibits! :)

    Phyllis - generally speaking our temps from 5 below to 105, but if you're asking specifically, it's low fourties for the high temp these days. Not very cold.

  6. what a great day out and about. we usually can only do one adventure at a time. lol the wetland area looks amazing.

  7. Momto5 - we're the opposite. We spend lots of time playing at home, so when we're Out, it's more of a "since we're going that way...." and "while we're here...." thing.
    If we leave the comfort of our home, it works for us to just make a day of it. It's too interrupting of our day to just be gone for an hour or two.
    :) So we just enjoy it!

  8. "If we leave the comfort of our home, it works for us to just make a day of it. It's too interrupting of our day to just be gone for an hour or two."

    Us, too!

    * * *

    Beautiful photos of EVERYTHING!

  9. My goodness - what a fantastic, perfect day! Loved it!

  10. Sorry to comment again. Just wanted to thank you for your blog. I finally have worked up the courage to homeschool. This blog has been a huge resource and almost an arsenal (ha, for lack of a more peaceful word) - I felt, each time I read, like I was gathering some courage and knowledge of how things might work.

    I think the most important aspect of this blog is letting parents know that, while fun games and cool art supplies are sure helpful and liven up our days -- we all have the tools to do this, already. That's been a big confidence-booster for me.

  11. Andria -
    First, I wouldn't care if you (or anyone else) left twelve comments. :)

    Secondly - oh, my. What a lovely compliment. There is not a greater one that I could be given.

    If there is one thing I would have someone learn from these pages, it would be that. (Well--that, and "Love children well" :) )

    You're right... games and art supplies are just a part of it. A big part, for my family, as these things are part of our learning resources and reflect and stimulate discovery and creativity, but home education can happen without them. Or, without all-of-it-in-the-beginning, anyway. :) (I think it's natural for parents to collect these sorts of things over time when one practices and loves home education.)

    Of course, being unschoolers, and not following any prescribed plans or 'must do''s, tools around the house are imperative - living in an interesting and inspiring atmosphere is the Way of it.
    But I think what you mean is "I can do this", and to that, I am thrilled that these stories played a small part in that understanding.

    Library cards, software, documentaries, children's theaters, park days, toys, backyard swings, sinks full of water, trips to museums and science centers, many, many explorations in nature, swimming pools, model train exhibits, fairs, cultural centers, beaches, shipyards, farms, gardens.... all of these things are available to us. Some towns have different offerings, but the point is to discover what those things are and utilize them.

    I am pretty convinced that as long as we have an excited desire for being good home educators, then we shall be.

    As long as we are willing to watch our children closely (with an open mind and heart), and listen to them just as carefully, and then do our very best to show our children this beautiful, wondrous world, then we shall do well.

    The rest is just details. :)

  12. Thank you. That is exactly what I meant.

    My parents and grandparents were all public school teachers for over 35 years apiece -- and good ones -- so this was a hard paradigm shift for me to make. But this blog has been inspiring because it has really convinced me that trying to replicate some public-school system at home would be about as much fun as poking hot needles in my eye. It's not our style. My daughter's interested in everything, she has enthusiasm for every subject (hasn't been beaten out of her yet) and I hope we can work out a flow from there.

    It's been a little hard "coming out" to the family (ha ha) -- I know we will meet some resistance on my husband's side; they are more "old school." I am pretending this is a "temporary" decision but in my heart it is not, though it's early and I have to see how it goes. I just want to avoid some of the eye-rolls and "your kids will be weird" comments. My kids are ALREADY weird, dammit. All little kids are weird in the best way -- before we try so hard to make them un-weird.

    Anyway, thanks again, and I will leave you in peace now. :)

  13. That photo of your girl in the car was so good. :)

    I want to go and play with you all when you are out and about. :)


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