Thursday, February 23, 2012

two days of (unschooled) play

You already know what unschooling looks like in our house.
Still, this is our storypage, and our family, and therefore our daily Do.

Looks like coin value and counting the money in her piggy bank... which also looks like sorting and stacking, and also playing with addition and subtraction.

It looks like playing Math Noodlers for the three of us.  After looking at the game, I accidentally picked up and purchased 2-3 grade instead of 4-5 grade, but it's working out alright, as Maddie can play, too.  And while it's easy for Trevelyn, there are a few questions that are a bit challenging, that have to be thought about.

 (rub your tummy and pat your head while you count backwards from 390 to 280 by 10's)


It looks like lots of treadmill play.
And biking play.
And since they (and she) are all about health in this moment, "I'm gonna have a plate of some healthy foods," she said.

and Magic School Bus : Works Out.  Because.. you know.  We always like Ms Friz.
and then like another dozen or so episodes.  :)

with Bill Nye.  Chemical Reactions.
an' then just Bill, as chemical explosions are just too distracting.



And other game play.

We make cookies,

And jump on the trampoline.

In our house unschooled, goodly play looks like a morning visit with a friend at the children's museum for Maddie.  (Trevelyn has outgrown it, sadly.)

And it looks like Minecraft videos and play.  (Their love affair with Minecraft is just beginning.)

It looks like plenty of time for playing in the backyard,

and then opening the front gate and venturing out a little ways there, too.




and a favorite game of ours... kick the walnut.  Which is a "cross the finish line first" game.

Well, you know.

It's a pretty good gig.


  1. It is a pretty good gig, I must say. We have a house full of Minecraft lovers here. Enjoy it.

  2. much nicer two days then we spent. :) have fun!

  3. What a yummy healthy plate. :)

  4. I do enjoy seeing your days portrayed here. It's been a bit up and down in our house, but still a good gig :)

  5. Sometimes I get tired looking at how much you are able to get packed into a day. :)

  6. Yes it is a good gig. I couldn't imagine living with children any other way.

  7. good gig indeed! what fun you are all having

  8. I love Maddie's dress and tights and braids and the beautiful picture of the quail. Looks like a lovely time.

  9. Learning can be so much fun!

  10. Days like that are awesome.

  11. Just wanted to thank you for this post. Lately, I have been wondering what other unschoolers days look like and so the timeliness of this one is not lost on me! I love when things work out like that!

    Was also wondering if you have a list of your families favorite board games. Would love to add some new ones to our collection and have been having trouble finding ones that look good. Any suggestions would be great!

  12. Ditto on what Phyllis said. :)

  13. Shel - I've been thinking of doing a (nother) favorites/games post - I'll start on that. We'll have a link thing, too, so others can do their own post and link, too, if they like.

  14. I have been "lurking" around here for quite some time and just had to say, I absolutely love all the fun activities your family engages in. We homeschool too, but I can't seem to give in to the whole unschooling concept quite yet. Thank you for giving me a daily dose of encouragement though, that if we do jump in, we will all be fine!

  15. Thanks so much for the comment, Faith, it's always nice to meet someone new. :)

    Welp - that's the point. :) That it can be done, and that it's a beautiful thing!

    I hope you continue to find encouragement.

    Warmly, Stephanie

  16. Ahh, Minecraft. My son cares for his server as if it were his first born child. :)


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