Sunday, February 19, 2012


Thursday was ski day for anyone who wanted it.
Maddie was thrilled to go.  Trevelyn was not.  He is a little crab, you know; he needs lots of time to just be at home, in his shell.

So Maddie and Eric headed out and Up.

Trev played and researched on the computers for a while, then he and I played games.  It could be that you, our dear reader, are bored with all this game-playing, but we have all this new stuff that we're having fun checking out.  I think we've played them all, now, so things will probably be getting back to a more varied living, now.  :)

"Mastermind!" said Trevelyn.  I love Mastermind, so I was up for that.

 An' we played Fraction Whirl.  It's been  while.

And Quiddler. We've never really played a full game of that, though we've had it for a year, I think.

adding up his bazillion points

And The Scrambled States of America game.
Which I ordered because it has pretty good reviews, but it's one of those things that seems "off" to me.
The whole idea that we should know what states' nicknames are seems arbitrary and sort of insulting to my mind... one of those "school" things that you should learn just because someone says so.  Seems to me that people can get along just fine without knowing that Virginia is called Old Dominion... though Trevelyn asked about it, and said that he'd be researching it when I told him I could only guess that it had to do with separating from England, but that I didn't know.  Which is why I keep an open mind about resources and learning; you just never know, and ultimately we don't get to choose what's important or interesting to another!  (And varied resources and play means interesting conversations and rabbit holes... and that magic absolutely thrills me.)

And we played the lovely Quarto!.  Trevelyn won - to my surprise and delight... I didn't see it coming.

And Pentago.

And then Maddie and Eric were home!

After a day of serious Conquering, Maddie had missed the other half of her family, and wanted to play with us.

So we played a bit.

And dinner and racing and pc play and whoopin' and hollerin' and all the usual Play.

It's a fine life.


  1. We love playing games. My older two and I had a marathon Mastermind playing day the other day. It was sweetened by playing it outside on a blanket.

  2. we have quibbler but haven't played it yet. we got it for yule. now that we got rid of the tv maybe there will be more interest in games. :)

  3. I loved Mastermind as a kid!

    Damek really likes the Scrambled States book on CD.

  4. I always like to see all your games - and add to my Amazon list ;-)
    Every time I see your Pentago, I'm gutted I found it but didn't buy it in a charity (thrift) shop once. My hands were full of lots of other goodies!


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