Friday, February 10, 2012

♥ Thursday ♥

It's a Happy sort of day around here.
Not for any reason, really.... woke up and played happy.

water and oxygen molecules

Maddie and I surely were listening intently for the UPS man.... we were expecting two boxes of goodliness today.  So there was that.
But that wasn't the reason for our Lovefest, I don't think.
It was just the four of us.... piddling, playing, talking, choring (not the babes)... just a mellow sort of joyous Living.

Madd and I played two of our new games.  Have I told you that we love Quarto and Pentago?
The babes love them because they took like five seconds to learn to play.... I love them because they're excellent "wrap your head around it" games.  Challenging, complex, intriguing, thinking, strategical... you get the picture.
Games aren't for everyone, I know, but they're one of our preferred ways of flexing our mental muscles.  Hi-yah!

Maddie plays with her electrical circuit kit... "The question is.... will my Mommy get cool with this tiny fan?" she says in a dramatic voice.  Then, as she got an idea, "Do you think we should put this on Myth Busters?"
Mmhmm... we've been watching lots of Myth Busters.  :)  So love Netflix.

Oh.  UPS man is here.  :)  I surely do feel guilty about all these marvelous packages arriving on our front porch.  On the other hand.... last shipment from Home Science Tools was two-and-a-half years ago, so there you have it.  Not very, very guilty.

new oil pastels for me!

Drawing... with new drawing books.

How to Draw : Forest Animals, How to Draw: Horses, How to Draw: People, and How to Draw: Pets.  ($5 each, and they're pretty fine books.)

Checking out the balsam wood pieces.  (Got those for her for building, hammering, gluing, engineering, nailing, hinging, drilling.... )

Binoculars.  A pair for each of them.

Yes, they love them.

"Maddie.  I've read the instructions for Quoridor.  Wanna play with me?"

She loves it.
It's another one of those gorgeous, heavy, high quality, beautifully textured games.  Really digging these games.  It's also another one of those 'learn to play in five seconds' ones.  Suitable for a child, or two high-iq sportin' adults.  :)
(And it's also a multi-national award winner: Prix D'Excellence des Consommateurs Quebec, Best Bet of Toy Testing Council Canada, Mensa's Top Five Best Games U.S.A., Parents' Choice Gold Award U.S.A., Grand Prix du Joet France, Spelgut Deutschland, Game of the Year U.S.A., Toy Award Belgique.)

Next, was Katamino.  Which was sort  of vexing, as I still don't get how to play most of the games.  Sometimes instructions baffle me.  (Like when I read about 'how to play "Go"'  ???  Don't get it. I so much want to learn to play, but I just don't understand how when I read the instructions.  So if you know how to play, come over and teach me.)
Maddie didn't have a problem worrying how to play... she just went after it.  (Which is indicative of how things work around here.)

Madd and her Daddy left for parts Costco,

and Trevy and I got onto dem new games.


And then two-player Katamino.
He loves both of them, I am happy to say.

The rest of the day was spent singin' into the echo microphone,

jumping on the trampoline,

wrestling with Dad,

drawing horses,


and even more Myth Busters.

It's a fine, fine life.


  1. all right, now, we got Quarto at christmas, and i've yet to figure out the deeper level of the game, though i love the pieces - please share your insights!!...but katamino we LOVE and A just saw the picture here and she's run to get it, so...we'll be right over! (sigh. but really - we play two-person and a lot of the single challenge here-are-your-5-pieces, now go! games. ask away...)

  2. Hi D.
    With Quarto! I play offensively with the babes. They tend to try to line three up right away... so I choose for them pieces that will not match their line, and I block the win if there are three darks in a line. I don't want the game to end in fifteen seconds! :) That usually works well, as they're capable of placing something I give them where I didn't see a win, and are just now learning that they can block the three hollows in a row (from my own win) when I give them a solid.
    So we're figuring it out!

    Quoridor is fun... you move your game piece from your side of the board to the other side... each turn you can either place a 'block' with a piece of wood in front of your opponent's path, or you can move your piece closer to the opposite side. It's a cool one.

    With Katamino... all those pages confuse me! I don't understand the A, B, C columns, with the numbers! ??? I've read it four times, and don't get it. :)

    D'you play Go?

  3. More games. What fun! I placed a small(ish) order today too. I really love the delivery trucks some months.

  4. You know I love me some games! I am bookmarking this post and yesterdays for when I find myself doing some shopping ;)

  5. Looks like some great games! I wouldn't feel is cheaper than curriculum! :)

  6. Phyllis :D - I seriously doubt that!

  7. More like private school tuition, I think!

  8. i now have a list of games to get! when summer hits here, it is nice to have some cool games to play. :)

  9. Okay... I figured out the Katamino charts. Sheesh. When I just looked at them I was able to figure it out... it was the verbiage that lost me. :) I'm better now.

  10. I love all the game suggestions and wish I could buy them now! Unfortunately, I am having a hard enough time packing up my house with all that we already own. But, as soon as we get to Montana, I will be making a big order of goodies!

  11. Oh, that's funny ("when I just looked at them I was able to figure it out") cause I was going to say, gee, i never read any instructions, just went with how i thought the charts worked!! i've been interested in the quoridor one...and the penta...and and and...

  12. and i haven't learned to play "go". someday when we live near my brother in law, who is a whiz at it...

  13. I'm running late (what else is new?). Love the games - we love them around here too. DD got Quixo for Christmas and Quarto and the others are on the "list".

    I too fail to really get "Go". DD totally gets it and beats me soundly. I've read and re-read the instructions. I still don't get it. I'll send DD round to the other side of the world to see if she can enlighten you (and then you can help me).


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