Sunday, February 19, 2012


"(For) How long is something in the small intestines?"
That was a pretty good opener for our day.
Besides crepes with strawberries, that is.

And lest you get the wrong idea here (that this was my doing), she grabbed the skeleton off the fridge, and said "I wanna do this, now!"  Which meant get out a little "kid" cutout, and draw bones on it.
But first she had to put together the human skeleton puzzle, of course.  And then flip it over and redo it to see the muscle, nervous, and digestive system.

We played with pulleys and ropes in the backyard.

An' there was a nice long rasslin' session before their daddy went to work.

Races.  In the house.

I put tools and fasteners in a tray, and gave her wood.
She made a couch (for her barbies), a lamp, and a coffee table.  !!!

 (this piece of wood came to us damaged... but no matter. we'll cover it with stuffing and fabric!  no problem.)

Which Maddie just learned to play, today--though Trev and I play somewhat often.  This is another four (or five, depending on how many players) in-a-row game, but you have two sliders on the side.  You can only move one slider, and then you place your piece at the intersection of the two sliders. So you don't have free reign of where to place your pieces... sometimes thwarting!
Also, it's another 2008 Mensa Select Winner, as well as 2008 National Association for Gifted Children Recommend Toy List Award.

Jump!  (trampoline)

Quiddler for Trev and I.
I spose I had something to prove (as he wasted me two days ago--by about 170 points), because I wasn't overly generous with my help, today,

and I managed to win.  !!!  :)

To videos for one on the pc,
the trampoline for the other,
and peeling potatoes for dinner for the third of us.

And then Pet play for one,
computer play for the other (who had been outside)
and Here for the other.

Our day ends with soft guitar strumming, isn't that nice?

Life is good.

(And we'll link this one to Saturday's Artist!)


  1. I was wondering what to do with the big wad of paper I saved from some packing recently. Life-size skeletons coming up for my skeleton fanatic.

  2. Wow, love the sofa, table and lamp that she made, brilliant!

  3. i am loving the sofa, table and lamp. i loved making stuff for my barbies. you are so inspiring, i am off to trace bodies. lol

  4. Love the skeleton drawing and the wooden couch! How fun:)

  5. I love all of this, but especially that rakish little sideways grin on the skeleton.

  6. Love the smile on the skeleton picture. Squirt wanted to know what was in the centre of bones the other day, so we were getting out all our books to see.

  7. Ha! Ya know we have one of those big rolls of white paper (like the art teacher had in elementary school).

    Perhaps I'll trace my boy one day & suggest he fill 'himself' in! HA!

  8. Smiling over here in Louisiana about her skeleton and the lampshade. :) Cuteness.


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