Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A friend once said something like, "Honestly!  How can we even call them Plans!?!"

Have been on the 'puter all day for Mr. Trev....  and now it's almost 6pm and blizzarding and I'm wondering what's for dinner....

I said today for Tools : Games, and now I'm here to tell you that I'm Just Not Ready.  Haven't got it done.

This is where I give a sheepish smile, and say, "Babes come first," I guess.  :)

Keep your notes close... we'll put it up tomorrow, I imagine!


  1. *clears throat* I had forgotten too. Emma and I were busy procraftinating today (crafting in order to not have to do other things- like pack).

    Glad that the babes come first, it's the way it should be :)

  2. Blizzarding!?!

    Is that like intensive strewing? ;)

    Looking forward to your post - and quite happy to wait a little longer x

  3. lol, Kelly.
    'Blizzarding' as in howling wind and sideways snow! :)

    I'm almost done... working on it, now... just gotta link and do very quick, very short descriptions. :)
    Probably an hour or so!....


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