Tuesday, February 14, 2012


When I placed an order for art supplies the other day, I ordered a package of twelve canvas banners.

Maddie and I played there this morning.

To give Trevy some time to do his thing (lots of lying about on the bed, reading prehistory encyclopedias) before he joined us in play, Madd and I played Pentago,

an' then she wanted to play Language Club.

A package came!
So I got to play.  By myself.  :)

And when Maddie was done with language club, she found a new box of Snap Circuits Jr. on the other side of the kitchen table.    Oh, goodness.
She created flying saucers (did it twice) and a happy birthday song.

Her mama kept on here...

Then it was to the livingroom with She with her library copy of ScoobyDoo,
JPOG for Trev,
and catch-up for Mama....

and Wild Kratts for Madd,

as Trev and I got out our new game, Math Noodlers.

Watching pbs.  And building molecules.

And Jump!

And then Dad's home from skiing, and he, Trevy and I sat down at the table for a game of Professor Noggin's History of the U.S..
So fun!  Lots of cool conversations and being impressed with each other in that game.  :)

Maddie played on the floor with circuits.

and then

And dinner,
many more conversations,
and then Sharks.

Life is good!

And this one goes to Life.  On Mondays.  No drudgery in sight.


  1. You are on a roll, girl!

  2. New plan... when I get some cash, I'm going to send it to you and ask you to do my shopping. I love all of your new stuff ;)

  3. What Heart Rockin Mama said! please can you tell me where you got the molecule set from in one of your previous posts? My boy would just LOVE that.


  4. I was thinking the same thing. So many goodies.

  5. We bought the mini flags for Benjamin at Christmas (Santa). I thought he'd want to make military flags for his dolls & things but he hasn't touched 'em. :(

    Oh & I'm glad to see Maddie's lovin' Snap Circuits. Michael and I discussed it (again, at Christmas) and we weren't sure if Ben would be ready for 'em...looks like he might!

  6. I've gone through the post and linked everything.

    Rose - I got them at Home Science Tools... ours is the Molecular Model set, organic/inorganic. It's a great set! They have a less expensive one for $15, but it's quite a bit smaller. They also have larger sets.

    Most of our games and software and a handful of our favorite books are in "The Magic Shoppe" in the sidebar... if you'd like to poke around in there, we have lots of our stuff listed and linked to Amazon.

    Jess - great idea with the flags! (I said 'flags' before, but I meant "banners".)

  7. Sub-categories are listed under "The Family Library", by the way.

  8. I love your Magic Shoppe, I just wish I could add them to my wish list from there so that when I get around to making a purchase, you get the credit.

    And I would have to agree that you would make a great personal shopper :)

  9. lol - I was just going to say what HRM said - you would make a "most excellent" homeschool personal shopper". :)

    I love that I can come here and feel better about the world. Thank you for that :)

    Maddie's smile is just precious, in a sweet, wonderful, happy kid kind of way. Awesome.

  10. Oh, your days are filled with so much fun, love it!!! You are giving me so many ideas for when my little man is older, can't wait!

  11. LOL...LOVE Jean's comment. That's what I think all too often. Glorious day. <3

  12. I seriously love all your box days. :)


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