Monday, February 13, 2012

Life. On Mondays.

One of my favorite parts of living a different sort of life is that we get to celebrate our everyday days, there really is no feeling of drudgery; "oof.  here we go again".

Life isn't the same every day.
Days are filled with possibilities for all of our preferences: touching, creating, imagining, sharing, chasing, climbing, loving, performing, painting, conquering, spying, splashing, jumping, discovering....

I so love that!  And am so, so grateful that my children and I are able to live and love this way.

Life on Mondays for those of us living this way us is something... different.  Something more.  Something imaginative, creative, and big.

So here we are.
If you'd like to share your perspective, we would love to see how you are celebrating and loving your wild and precious life.

To be included in Life. On Mondays, just make sure that there is a link somewhere on Monday's post back here, to either Life. On Mondays., or generally to O.L.M., so that others might have the opportunity for sharing, as well.
You will then be able to put in the address and select a photo, linking to your post.

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