Saturday, February 11, 2012


 "Whadayou think?"
"Ooohhhh, I love it!  Wow.  It's fantastic.  You're amazing."
"Yeah."  The usual response.  And off she runs.

"Mom.  I need to make a tag for Annabelle.  In  case she gets picked up by the dognapper."  (She's been watching the Lady and the Tramp moviesI didn't tell her we have one for her around here, somewhere.)  "So we need to get out the shrinky-dink stuff."
"Wanna make one for your binoculars, too, while you're at it?  So you and Trevy know which is which?"

"How d'you spell Annabelle?"

"Mom.  Here.  Play this game with me.  I love this game!!" 

Then Katamino.

Katamino is hard.  :)  (Funny how when something is new, it's difficult at first.  Tangrams?  No problem.  Zip right through them.  Pentas?  Yeah.  Well.)

"Dad and I are going birdwatching."


"You c'n take a picture of Meeeeeee!"

Off with Dad for a zooming bikeride.

And Grammie came for a couple-of-hours visit.

An' there was swingin' high-to-the-sky on the tree swing.

There was a little interruption in there about all that messy online and ill-fated fuss yesterday.
Which shall not be named, as it is decidedly not invited into my world.
Wanna hear Maddie's take on it?
"I'm glad my parents aren't like that.  I mean.... if my parents were like that, then I'd be like that... and maybe my're parents would be like that... theirs and theirs... all the kids would... then Everybody would be like that!!" 

Just like that.  So very clear to her how it works.

So grateful.  So happy that it stops here, and love reigns.

And guess what?


  1. Just so you know... Maddie has not seen the video. Neither have I. And I won't.
    She heard me talking to my mother about it, and heard how horrified I was.

  2. I posted said video on my wall after reading Demand Euphoria's post on it...but I never did watch it because I knew my heart couldn't take it. I'm sure people were mislead to believe I watched it...but I just couldn't bring myself to. As usual, you are speaking my heart here. And Maddie...give here a great big kiss and snuggle for me...such a wise, wise girlie. <3

  3. Love that last pic of Maddie. So sweet.

  4. Apparently not being on facebook and not following the news is a good thing because I have no idea what you are referring too, and it sounds like I don't want to.

    I also love that last picture of Maddie. Is the first picture something she drew using one of the new drawing books?

  5. Hi Tina. I wasn't meaning to be cryptic, just didn't want to give more energy to absurd ugliness.

    There was a young girl, 15, who expressed much hurt and anger on her fb page, and blocked her parents from seeing it.
    Evidently she had been warned before not to do so again (but who can blame her? feeling so obviously hurt, outraged, and abandoned by people who were supposed to love her) and vented her anger in a very explicit fashion... her father evidently proudly berated her (on film) and then took her laptop outside and shot her computer with a gun. Showing her who's boss.
    Then he put a video of the whole thing on youtube.
    Sadly, he has much support for the whole wretched affair.

    Difficult for so many of us to believe that such ugliness and hatefulness is being viewed as a solution to something that is so obviously needing to be dealt with in a much, much different manner.

    And so the hatred and ugliness shall repeat itself, until someone in that family (and, indeed, all of Humanity) begins to actively change it.

  6. I did watch it by mistake. My SIL posted it just gushing about how great the video was. I shut it off half way in disgust. When my husband came home we talked about it. He left her a little message to rethink her support of such tactics. Jeesh! I prefer to live in my little cocoon of happiness, love and support.

  7. Oh dear. How terribly sad.

    I stumbled across a video on YouTube the other day, showing a trembling, crying boy as he sits in Time Out. I cannot watch it--it breaks my heart.

    Why would anyone choose to publicly berate and degrade their children?

    * * * *

    Onto other things...I (too) love that little photo of Maddie there at the end. She looks so sweet and a bit cheeky. Ha!

  8. 'Cheeky' is exactly what I thought, Jess. She's completely cheeky. We call her 'tucular'. A word that Trev made up when he was verra young. :) It suits her!

  9. Ahh, smart Maddie. Even young children understand how that ugliness cycles through the generations. Your day, however, seems lovely and bright, and full of joy.

  10. Oh - I forgot to answer you, Tina. Yes, it's from one of her new drawing books.

  11. My boys are begging for shrinky dink supplies. :)

    She is so wonderful, that girl of yours.


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