Friday, February 03, 2012

Felt Hearts

Here's today's project; standing felt hearts. 
I like them.

First we had to make something for the stand.  We opted for simple.... natural clay.

Took a bit of clay, flattened it out, cut it with a little ramekin, and then with the bottom of the ramekin, made a ring as a sort of border.

We grabbed a dowel from downstairs, cut off a bit of it with my magic gardening tool,

and plopped the stick into the soft clay.

Next we chose some felts from our rather large bag of felt sheets and scraps.

Had some pretties in there from a trip to Hobby Lobby last year.

Two were stitched with the sewing machine (Maddie was thrilled to make hers on the machine!)

and the last I blanket-stitched.

We stuffed them (before finishing the edges, of course) with a few stretched cotton balls, and then finished the stitching.

I had originally planned on leaving an opening at the bottom of the heart to put the stick through,

but I forgot, so I cut a small hole in the back of the heart,

and that worked fine, so we did that with the other two, too.

They'd be darling spelling words, family sentiments, or names...

think buttons, ribbons, rick rack, glitter... whatever makes you smile.

A little pink and red love for you and yours.

Happy Valentines, friends!


  1. Love these!!! Definitely on our list for next year when my little man is a little older.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Those are great! Emma has really been wanting to decorate for each holiday, so I might see if she would like to make a few of these tomorrow.

    Thanks for the idea and the directions!

  3. These must go on my Valentine's mantle!

  4. I love these! The perfect, homemade, non-saccharine sort of Valentine decoration.

  5. These are precious! Layla recently had her first adventures in using the sewing machine, and now, its use is a frequent request. She has a list, and some heart-type banner thingies are there. I'll have to show her these.

  6. I really loved this surely i will try this, thank u so much for posting like this craft works:-)


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