Wednesday, January 11, 2012


baked apples for one...
-with oats-

leapfrog : letter factory

leapfrog : codeword capers

tidying up

..and french toast for the other.

reading play

journal writing (Trevy)

(with Maddie)

frog love


and mancala with Trevy.
there was totally tut

-which led to cuisenaire rod play-
(division and multiplication)

while Maddie played over here.

that led to art-
in the name of designing pet tags.

there was jumpstart first grade,

lego star wars III on the wiiheehee,


and more letter factory.

tangrams were next,

and jumping.

there was building,

and more computer play.


I dunno what else there will be,

but I would imagine more of the same.

that's good enough for me!


  1. That froggie has such personality. :)

    The pretend vet play is so sweet. I did that all the time growning up.

  2. Yes, yes, yes...I agree about that froggie. SO cute!

    I've been thinking about JumpStart for First Grade. Not sure if Ben will like it--do you do the online or the older PC version?

  3. Baked apples is, I think, the one recipe that I'll make that only one person in the house likes. Usually I'm not so much the short-order cook kind of gal (I have enough trouble getting into the kitchen to cook food that's universally liked, much less take individual orders), but Will's love of baked apples is so sweet, and they're easy, and healthy, and quick, and it uses up the last apple in the bag, etc.

  4. I love it when the weather is warm enough to swing in January!


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