Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Turn on the Hearth Light

I suppose I should point out that I began working hard-laboring in my kitchen at around o six hundred hours, this morning.
That information is important to the day's story simply to signify that I should not be held strictly accountable for our minutes, as my world only extended as far as my scrubbing rag, today.
(Not to say the babes were ignored--they were not.  Just that I didn't go out of my way to capture their moments, as I had my own.)

You know how it goes.
' Starts with dishes. 
Which means the the sink, the back splash, the stove, the table, and all the counters must be scrubbed and sparklified. 


Finally, the floor.
Well--while we're down there... let's get those baseboards.
Oh.  And that spot there, on the wall.

Wait.  There's another one.

Turns out, the whole wall needs to be cleaned!  Imagine that.

Doctoring many, many animal friends.

Hmm.  Apparently, there are there are three other walls in the room, too...

Huh.  Wouldn't that be something if I could pull out all the dishes in this cupboard

(and that one, that one, that one, and that one), and clean the inside of the cupboard?  (The outsides have already been scrubbed, of course.)

 Wow!  That wasn't too bad.  Time for another one?
Well.... could do the inside of this drawer, been wincing at it for a year or so, now....
Cool.  Ha.  Dare I?
The cupboard and shelves under the sink???

Dang!  I so win.

Granted, I'm half dead.  Stood up to refill my glass, and realized I can't stand or walk properly.  :)  (And, "No, it ain't from the drink, my friends!"  ;) )

But, you know.
I put in my loving time to the babies today, and the babes had their own loves, too...

and are exhausted from their own 7:30am-and-hit-the-ground-running-and-whooping! day,

so I'm thiiinkiiiinn....
we're good.

So good.

'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. i have a weakness for organizing. everything looks o put together. right now i am doing the little boys room. so nice when everything is together. (or at least for a bit) lol

  2. I love a sparkly kitchen! I take out all the dishes twice a year and scrub everything. We don;t have door on our cupboards so it does get dirty.

    I wonder what will float into your life now, now that there is so much new room!

  3. Kitchens and bathrooms are the spaces I enjoy cleaning. I think they can just sparkle when you are done. Odd, I know.

  4. Proud Mama - not weird to me! Kitchens and bathrooms should sparkle! :)

  5. Great job! I love and clean kitchen and bathroom.

    I wish this type of inspiration would hit at my house. We are trying to get the house ready to sell which means rooms are torn apart so walls can be washed and painted (or fixed as one case goes). But, the house will look great when it is done and we hope that it will sell fast.

    Of course, more work would get done if I stayed away from the computer :)


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