Friday, January 13, 2012

thursday's magic

Letter factory for one.
Over french toast.

Conversation about China's population,
evolution of Mosasaurs (to modern day lizards),
and the evolution and decline of Coelocanths.
(though some are still around.)
That was over french toast, too.  ♥


Menu planning for two weeks (that takes three of us)

Practice for The Talent Show for one,

and JPOG (Jurassic Park : Operation Genesis) for the other.

Round two of the day's exercise for Mama... while Trevy kept me company and lectured me on prehistory.
( I love it when he keeps me company, and talks my ear off!)  ♥

Getting ready for the talent show....
making our Judge cards...


Clearly my children are very familiar with  'American Gothic'.  
Which is why I don't ask them to pose, stop, or "look at me" for photos.  :/


which with much hilarity took up the rest of our day.
(Hula-ing, looking up jokes, mastering tricks with the magic wand Santa brought her....

Until Dad came home from skiing,

then it was time for him to practice, too.

Okay, Ladies and Gentlemen.... let the show begin!


Our first round:  Madeleine performed magic tricks.

Trev's first act was stand-up comedy.

Mama put on kitty ears and amazed everyone with the Meow song (from Meow Mix cat food.)
I got booed, much to my surprise. Eric said he would have gonged me, had he the choice.

Dad, naturally, played music.
Which was cause for much more hilarity, as he'd take so long that we'd clap  before he was done, which he later admitted was Most Embarrassing.  :)

Round Two:

Madeleine did puppy tricks.

Trev went for a second round of stand-up.

Mama played Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star on the piano.
And they still weren't properly impressed.  sheesh.

Dad played the guitar.  Again.  (With much clapping every twenty seconds or so, to hurry him along.)

Mama sang and danced (rather wildly) to When the Saints Come Marching In.
With the tambourine, accompanied by Judy (a mostly-invisible family friend) on the keyboard.
I got high marks for that one.

Madeleine whistled for her next act.  Or tried to... hard to do when you're smiling and laughing.

 Trev had more jokes,

Dad had an impromptu song-writing debut,

and Mama played (and sang) Do-Re-Mi on the keyboard.

Mama to her son, when everyone else was asleep for the night:
"Did you have a nice day, today?"
"Yeah, I did."
"Did you enjoy the talent show?"
"Yeah.  It was fun.  Albeit over-the-top.  Which is pretty much the point."
Yup.  It is.

Life is sweet.


  1. YOUR life, is especially sweet. :)

  2. Very fun!

    My ear-talker-offer is Jared. For the past many years, he is the one that I ask to help me in the garden, because in addition to being strong and being able to lift things for me, he loves to tell me jokes, stories from Calvin and Hobbes or something from real-life that is funny and will make me laugh. Those kids are fun to have around when there is work to be done. :)

  3. We just had the conversation about how you can't smile and whistle at the same time! Syd was trying to show her favorite librarian how she'd learned to whistle over the break, but couldn't stop smiling long enough to do it. Then Miss Pat said that she'd never learned to whistle well--"See, listen!"--and whistled the most incredibly loud whistle that the children's department had ever heard, shocking every single person in the room, herself most of all. Guess she'd learned to whistle since the last time she'd tried it!

  4. Haven't visited in a while! I love that "american gothic" shot, too funny! Have a great weekend.

  5. Love the sound of your talent shows and I love the American Gothic photo :D

    Great days!

  6. The talent show sounds like a blast and I laughed out loud at the thought of your first act. BRILLIANCE, I tell you. BRILLIANCE. I would have given you a standing ovation. No, really.

    'Tis a beautiful life. xoxox


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